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Constant diversification and updating the quality of service we offer is an ongoing priority for Nonius and it is with great pleasure that we are introducing an exciting new BYOD/C (Bring Your Own Device/Content) functionality to our portfolio of functionalities.

This upgrade to the NONIUS.TV system will allow guests to pair their personal devices with their room’s TV via Bluetooth and listen to their favourite music on the room’s own media system and television.

The new functionality was recently implemented at the Bessa Hotel at the heart of Oporto’s prestigious Boavista neighbourhood.

Why bluetooth?

Bluetooth was chosen as the base technology for this feature because it is the most common wireless technology used for audio streaming and the simplest to set up and operate. This way Nonius provides a service that will be available to the vast majority of the guests. Recent and older devices can connect, and you don’t need to be a tech savvy guest to operate it.

How does it work?

To stream audio from your device, you merely need to pair it with the TV system (a fairly simple and secure process that requires you enter a four-digit pin) and press play on your smartphone, tablet or laptop media player. The signal is beamed directly from your device to Nonius Set-top box that transparently controls the TV audio and video.

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