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Nonius, the connection to your guests

By 6 November 2014October 29th, 2020No Comments

Nonius is at the forefront of bringing hospitality technologies to the service of hoteliers and guests worldwide.

Currently, we provide quality high-speed connectivity and a plethora of customized content and functionalities to more than 700 sites and millions of hotel guests ensuring guests connect and stay connected.
Key to the Nonius’ offer is creating the podium for our clients in building a connection with their guests.

Connect to the brand:NONIUS.TV
Nonius platforms actively promote our clients brand through a multitude of channels constructed around interactive digital portals customized in content, functionality and responsiveness to each client’s particular needs.

Loyalty cardholders can benefit from a higher quality of service in the connection or free charging.

Connect easily:NONIUS.HSIA Captive portal
Nonius hospitality technologies are from a location or unit-restricted, in fact, the company offers fully automatic roaming from one property to another within a group or chain (no need to log in again). Guest need to login only once and on the next property, they will be automatically connected.


Connect to the office:
Additionally, our HSIA system allows for corporate roaming to services like iPass and the system is specially tuned to provide the business traveller with all the connectivity features that guarantee maximum productivity.

Connect better:
Nonius offers reliable, secure and seamless connectivity based on its own technology and supported by its own it insourced helpdesk.

… and connect with Nonius:
We work very closely with our clients and will keep on doing so. Please contact for any queries. Call us on our HQ or one of the subsidiaries. We have opened recently an office in the Netherlands and more effort will be made to be closer to our clients everywhere in the world.

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