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If you have problems with your current voice infrastructure support and want to take advantage of the benefits from a new generation of PBX, with minimal investment, we have the solution!


Hospitality Telephones


Nonius telephony solution, specifically designed for hospitality, solves the problem of conventional telephone systems maintenance: faulty and unsupported systems without spare components.

Nonius provides a complete or phase-by-phase migration of these systems to an IP platform. 

This solution can be used with all existing phones, both analogue and IP which allows preserving the in-room guest phones and migrate only the PBX and the staff phones to IP.


This type of migration allows for a smooth infrastructure conversion with low investment and with only one single appliance in the rack. With these projects, the return on investment is achieved in less than a year thanks to operational gains and maintenance savings. Additionally, there are no license fees per phone extension.


Solution based on IP Technology Specially built for Hospitality Compatible with any Hotel existing analog phone Low cost, fully functional upgrade for end-of-life PBXs (embedded PMS interface)
 Low investment for fully-featured, future proof IP-PBX phone solution  One single appliance in the rack  No license fee per
phone extension


Nonius IP-PBX is the core of this solution which is based on IP technology and is designed with features and functions specific to hospitality.

The core features include PMS integration providing such services as billing, voicemail, wake-up call, room status update (e.g. housekeeping and mini-bar), and activation/deactivation of outbound calls from the room on check-in/check-out. Billing rates can be defined on-demand and detailed reports are available for guest and hotel staff telephone usage.


Nonius IP-PBX


Hotel/Operator defined call rates with PMS integrated billing Detailed guest telephone registry and management reporting Dashboard for monitoring & reporting analysis Open API for 3rd party system integration (Emergency, Brand APPs)


Nonius can help you with the migration of traditional telephone networks. The migration of these systems can be done in hours without disturbing the normal hotel operation. Whatever is the scenario, we have a solution that ensures the evolution of conventional PBX systems to a new, modern and reliable network architecture – at a very competitive price. Unlimited phone extensions, with voicemail and with billing interface included.

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