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A guest companion app developed by Nonius to run on the guest mobile phone or tablet.

Mobility has arrived in hospitality and Nonius will help shape a new way of enhancing the hotel guest experience, while providing ways for the hotel to save costs and offer a premium service.


The NONIUS MOBILE app is the latest product from the NONIUS.APPS family which revolutionizes the way guests interact with their hospitality environment – before, during and after the stay.

This app will allow any guest smartphone or tablet to take control of their hotel experience – whether it’s an automatic check-in, controlling the in-room entertainment system, locating the nearest visitor attraction or just settling the hotel bill.

With this app, for example, a guest may check-in just before arriving at the hotel and then order a quick snack from room service, while checking the surrounding visitor attractions (partnered through the Hotel). If they wish to lounge in their room, they can control the in-room air conditioning to set the room at a comfortable temperature, while checking the TV guide for any shows they wish to view.


Hotel operators will also appreciate the opportunity and simplicity of providing automated value-added services to guests, directly on their handheld device, as well as even a greater ease to position their partner brands and premium services at the guest’s fingertips.

The NONIUS MOBILE app can be customized for each unit and tailored to the desired guest experience.

» Guest Directory – Save paper and looks far better
» Guest Services – Hotel and city information to enhance guest experience
» Guest Messaging – Communication with the guest directly from the PMS
» Room Control – Lighting/mood, heating, curtains, sound & TV and preset mood or scenarios that combine all of these with video and music on TV
» Guest Reader – Newspapers from around the world
» Room Services – Upsell services and increase guest F&B spend
» Flights – Realtime air travel information of the local airport
» News – News in the guest language
» Maps – You are here! | What’s around?
» Ads – Space for Ads from partners | Hotel suppliers
» Multi-lingual – Breaks communication barriers
» Survey – Efficient way to get guest feedback
» TV control – Guide and TV control
» VoD control- Control and information on the synopsis and cast of the movies
» Guest Reservation – Integration with CRS
» Telephone – Guest SIP phone
» Groups – Information and messages to groups attending events


Before check-in:
When the guest books the room, the Hotel sends an email to let the guest know about the app. The app can then be downloaded and the guest can use it to start planning the trip. Before arrival the app acts as virtual concierge with information about the hotel, local restaurants, attractions and city general information. On arrival the app will assist with the check-in process.

At the property:
During the stay the guest can use the app to order room service, learn about events, and promotions in and around the hotel. The app replaces the in-room directory and the concierge and can also be used as an in-room controller. The room control to control – Air conditioning, curtains and lighting from the Guest mobile device. Guest can also choose from several mood scenarios that will automatically set temperature, light, curtains and TV video & music.

The app integrates seamlessly with Nonius TV solution to provide a multi-screen experience and assist the guest with screen mirroring.
The app also comes in several languages to help break language barriers and removes ambiguities in the requests.
Communication, information, control and entertainment. Yes, Nonius provides movies, music, radio and games as well as seamless pairing with TV applications.

On and after Check-out:
On departure from the hotel the guest will also be solicited to fill in a survey and use the express checkout. Express checkout brings efficiency gains for the hotel, i.e., for the same staff, the guest will spend less time in queues trying to check in and out and pay. The guest can access information about weather, flights and this way be better prepared for the journey.


The NONIUS MOBILE App is all about enabling the hotel to engage with guests even after they leave the property. The app will still be useful to collect guest feedback and stay in touch with the hotel and the brand.

Developed for iOS and AndroidTM, NONIUS MOBILE can be made available as of now on Google Play and Apple’s App Store with your hotel logo.
Lots of features and power in a beautiful and simple design that will enhance guest experience.

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