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Guest Voice: Choose the right hotel phone for you

We offer a wide range of IP and analogue hotel phones from leading manufactures for your guests and staff.

Hotel room phones for guests

As hotels are transitioning from on-premise PBX to IP-PBX models, guests now have a quicker and more comfortable way to make requests. We establish partnerships with the leading hospitality phone manufacturers to ensure we deliver a turnkey solution.

We provide an extensive range of phones to make sure we have the right hotel phone for your technological and design needs, always matching them with your hotel’s and brand’s standards.

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SIP hotel phones for Admin areas

We offer suitable phones for your individual requirements, with special focus on low purchase price, low energy consumption and high efficiency. A complete set of features to improve your staff’s efficiency while always integrating with your CRM.

  • Front desk and Back-office – complete set of features thanks to integration with the CRM to improve customer satisfaction and the staff’s efficiency;
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping – benefit from the simplicity of basic desk sets, cordless handsets and features like Room Status;
  • Executive team – advanced calling and conferencing features.
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Update to a Room Smartphone

It’s possible to integrate the hotel’s Telephony System with our Room Smartphone, allowing you to update the old room phones. Give your guest the flexibility to use it inside and outside the hotel during all stay. Your front desk will be able to engage your guest through a modern device at anytime and anywhere they are.

Key benefits for your guests:

  • Free national and international phone calls every day;
  • Connection to the Internet inside and outside the hotel;
  • Room calls thanks to integration with the telephone system;
  • Real-time information for and from the guest;
  • Integrated features like mobile key, room control, express check-out, etc;
  • Pre-installed useful apps like Google Maps and Messenger.
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Find the right hospitality phone for you

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  • Alcatel: 3MG08006AA, 3MG27203FR
  • Alcatel Temporis Series10P180380580, IP200
  • Grandstream GXP16 Series: 1610, 1615, 1620, 1625, 1628, 1630
  • Grandstream GXP17 Series: 1760, 1760W, 1780,1782
  • Grandstream GXP21 Series: 2130, 2135, 2140, 2160, 2170
  • Grandstream GXP26 Series: 2612/2613
  • Snom D1 SeriesD120
  • Snom D3 Series: D305, D315, D320, D345, D370, D375, D385
  • Snom 7/D7 Series: 710/D710, D712, 715/D715, D725, D745, D760, D765, D785
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  • Grandstream: GXP2170 + GXP2200EXT Module
  • Snom: D345 Desk Telephone
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We offer a cost-effective upgrade of your hotel phone system