Marketing for hotel: tools to enhance Guest engagement

Capitalise on all the data collected from guests, to build loyalty, increase profitability, automate processes and guest communication.

Guest CRM

Guest intelligence at your service

Take better care of your data and consequently your guests. Collect, centralise and analyse all the data to automate hotel operations and improve the guest experience from the pre-booking stage to loyalty.

Guest experience

Collect all guests data and preferences to provide the right personalized experience to each.

Guest communication

Automate communication workflows with your guests and reduce staff’s workload.

Increase cross-sell

Promote and cross-sell your restaurant, SPA and other services to the most suitable guests.

Guest loyalty

Build and strengthen relationships by congratulating them on the anniversary and carrying out personalised campaigns.

Segment to offer the right journey for each guest

Organize all the data to identify customer groups that behave similarly and how they generate the most revenue. These segments can be balanced to achieve the optimal business strategies.

Guest profiles will automatically allow you to offer the right services, upgrades, promotions and communications to reach their maximum revenue potential and increase their satisfaction.

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Personalize your services
to make guests feel at home

After filling in the essential information to perform check-in, the guest will be able to provide additional information about their preferences. From this input, the hotel can tailor their service to make every guest a loyal customer and exceed their expectations.

The questions are defined by the hotel itself, according to the services they wish to advertise and increase cross-sell effectiveness.

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Offer a streamlined
contactless online check-in

Save time and money by optimizing workload at front desk and converting check-in into a paperless process. Increase guest satisfaction while also introducing them to safety measures and service offers.

  • Web online check-in to avoid front-desk queues
  • Tablet for front-desk check-in
  • QR code for check-in in the Hotel
  • Signature on the guest mobile
  • Minimize data errors in the PMS
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Make your online check-in
even faster

We integrate with payment gateways, so you can provide guests with the convenient option of paying for their stay during the online check-in.

Online payments give guests the frictionless experience they have come to expect from other sectors of the travel industry. This process is fully automated as our platform integrates with the major PMS to optimize your operational efficiency.

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Automated marketing campaigns to cross-sell services

Communicating with guests along their journey is critical for guest engagement.
Nonius Marketing solutions provides tools that allow hotels to automatically communicate with every guest, prior, during or after stay, using the channel of their preference.

  • Easy to use, cloud based CMS with rich contents
  • Allows up-selling hotel services by suggesting them based on profile
  • Automate seasonal and even targeted marketing campaigns
  • Personalized and customized communications
  • Decreases time spent informing guests
  • Effective multichannel communication (email, app, …)
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Transform unhappy guests into promoters

With good reviews:

  • Improve hotel online ratings and reviews
  • Invite guests to share on social media
  • Complete guest profiles with more data

With bad reviews:

  • Solve complaints during the stay
  • Reduce negative reviews on social media and OTAs
  • Improve internal operations and services

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