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Flights, news, weather, radio, TV channels guide, city events, exchange rates and all that is needed to have products that engage with the guest.

Nonius manufactures, among others, products to build solutions for signage, TV and mobile. Such solutions are imperative for presenting the viewer (the traveler) with relevant and exciting content.

Content must be something that engages with what travelers are doing or thinking at that moment and must be relevant to guests inside and outside the property. It is that relevant content that we have been building/collecting over the years and make it available to all our products and also available to products from selected partners in the industry.

Nonius Cloud Data Services

The content is made available through an API, served by the Nonius cloud and more specifically through the Nonius Cloud Data Services.

It is based on FaaS and SaaS to achieve the necessary flexibility to adapt to the constant demand for new services. You can get a glimpse into what is its architecture in the following diagram.

As you can see from the architecture diagram that we have designed something that can support multiple sources of content and easily combine the data sources. That simplicity to add and map/filter data is paramount for the market we are serving. La plupart du contenu que nous captons et transformons est payant et provient d’acteurs mondiaux comme FlightAware et Google. Maintenant que nous desservons près de 80 pays, cela implique que nous devons également collecter beaucoup de contenu auprès de fournisseurs locaux.

Following are some examples that show how Nonius products benefit from the cloud data services.

Brand Mobile App – packed with lots of content

All the apps we build for hotels and brands (using the Branded Mobile App) includes lots of content.

Nonius TV – content always included

No extra cost. Content is always part of the offer and it can be activated at anytime.

Nonius Digital Signage – content for any location

The product benefits from widgets that can be included on any of the layouts we produce and that are relevant anywhere in the world.


« The success of much of what Nonius produces rests on content. No, I am not talking about Pay TV! Nonius was created after the demise of such business models. Nonius Cloud Data Services are all about rich content to engage guests, promote, inform and enhance their experience, in all the touch points we can serve. The services are highly scalable, so we are really committed to make this service available also the partners in the industry. We know how difficult is to have good content available at a reasonable price and it would not make sense to only make this available to our products when we believe that it can enable applications that we did not even think about. », said Leonel Domingues, Nonius CTO and Founder.

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