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Meliá Braga Hotel upgrades Wireless Internet Access to host 500 conference attendees

High quality Internet access, for more than 2000 connected devices, thanks to the wireless system upgrade performed by Nonius for the conference areas.

Since its opening, Meliá Braga Hotel is equipped with a fully integrated solution for guest digital services and communication. This solution was designed and installed by Nonius and includesInternet access, HD interactive television, IP telephony, CCTV system and digital signage for conference rooms and bar.

Due to guests’ evolving needs for high speed Internet access and the increasing number of participants in events at the hotel, Meliá Braga Hotel invested in the upgrade of the wireless Internet access solution. Using the latest generation of Wi-Fi antennas with 802.11ac technology and dual radio, and Nonius’ new HSIA appliance, it is now possible to support a very high density of devices in the conference areas.

In the guest rooms, the set-top boxes were also upgraded allowing HD TV and eightfold reduction in power consumption. This new set-top box embedded wireless access point also allows a significant improvement in speed and Wi-Fi coverage.

“Meliá Braga is always vigilant about customers’ satisfaction levels, whether the purpose of their stay is business or leisure. This partnership with Nonius, a leading provider of hospitality technology, allow us to be at the forefront of innovation and offer our customers the most advanced digital services such as free and fast Wi -Fi connection, which is available throughout the hotel, including the 182 rooms, conference rooms, restaurant, bar, spa, health club and outdoor spaces. This concern of being at the forefront of innovation demonstrates our commitment to provide the best service to our customers and stand out as a conference center in the region.” said Mr. Delfim Filho, General Manager – Meliá Braga Hotel.

Mr. Delfim FilhoGeneral Manager – Meliá Braga Hotel