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Praia Ipanema Hotel enhances technology to increase guest’s loyalty

Praia Ipanema Hotel trusts Nonius to partner on the hotel’s technology modernization, investing in a Wi-Fi upgrade, a new interactive TV system with HD channels, a new IP telephony system and a mobile app for guests!

Located in the most charming neighbourhood in Rio, Praia Ipanema Hotel is considered a prime example of the vibrant Ipanema lifestyle. The panoramic views from the balconies over the city and the beach, in all of the 99 guest rooms, allow guests to fully enjoy relaxing moments and the best fashion and cultural options that the neighbourhood has to offer.

After updating its facilities, the Praia Ipanema Hotel management decided to do the same with its Guest Engagement technologies. To maintain cohesion with the renewed and sophisticated design, the hotel chose Nonius as its strategic partner.

Wi-Fi renovation – NONIUS.HSIA

Nonius’ Guest Internet Access product provides high speed Internet connection throughout the hotel.This product is ideal for its public spaces, such as Espaço7zero6 and the Business Center, that demand a fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal to withstand their high concentration of people.

Guests gain Internet access with a single login that lasts for all of their stay. The service features a guest internet portal that is designed and customized to meet the property’s brand standards.

New interactive TV system – NONIUS.TV

Nonius equipped all of Praia Ipanema Hotel’s guest rooms with its Interactive TV product using the last generation of STB400A that supports 4KUHD. This product focuses on providing guests with information and entertainment on the TV, giving them access to an extended set of HD Channels, HD Netflix on the TV, Video on Demand, and the ability to stream their own music via Bluetooth. The Welcome Channels provide all the essential information that the guest may need about the hotel services and the region.


The partnership between Nonius and Algar allowed the Hotel to provide national and international high quality HD channels. This is possible thanks to the homologation of Algar’s HD TV distribution equipments that allows the channels to be distributed by IP to the apartments.

IP Telephony System – NONIUS.VOICE

Praia Ipanema Hotel also invested in a Nonius telephony system based on IP technology, while maintaining the cabling and phones from the guest rooms, maximizing the cost efficiency. Nonius’ local team revised the whole system to assure good call quality and that all features would work seamlessly.

Nonius IP-based PBX solution is fully integrated with the Praia Ipanema Hotel’s PMS, CMNET, allowing billing, voicemail, wake-up call, room status update (e.g. housekeeping) and activation/deactivation of outbound calls from the room on check-in/check-out.

Mobile app – GuestU.APP

The Hotel also has access to a mobile app from GuestU (Nonius Group), fully adapted to Praia Ipanema Hotel’s image and services. This app allows guests to interact and communicate with the hotel and ask for its services in a simple and efficient way. The app can be installed by the guest on the mobile phone or Tablet.

Nonius developed an integration with the hotel’s CRS (Central Reservations System) to simplify and increase its sales, helping guests to easily select and book their favorite room.

“To help us take our digital guest engagement services to a new level, it was fundamental to find a partner like Nonius, that allows us to keep being a reference in guest satisfaction.

This was a challenging project of infrastructure and technological transformation, that was needed to meet our guests’ expectations.

We highlight the IP telephony solution integrated with our system, the interactive HD TV that enhances communication between hotel and guests, such as: a promotion, an ad, a reminder or just a simple break down of the current state of the guests billing. We have also renovated our Wi-Fi system to ensure a reliable signal in all of the hotel.

To complete our digital portfolio we invested in a Mobile App, as we realized that the mobile device is the fastest and most convenient touch point with the guest, that often, in traffic, with their device in hands, can now communicate with the hotel, make reservations and even consult it for tips, city information, our Concierge team, flights and other features.

We wish this to be a prosper and lasting partnership, thank you Nonius!”

Nicolas ChamiExecutive Director of Praia Ipanema Hotel

“We thank Praia Ipanema Hotel’s management for the trust in this project and on all of the Nonius Group’s products.

This project’s success is due to the excellent cooperation between the Hotel’s and Nonius’ technical teams. We worked closely, with great coordination, to ensure the minimum possible impact on the hotel’s daily operations while not compromising the final result.

Nonius provides proactive 24×7 technical support, locally and remotely, monitoring all of the systems and guests usage through its Cloud tools. The Hotel has access to the Nonius’ Cloud Dashboard where it is possible to analyze guests’ usage and keep adjusting to their needs.”

Victor PeruchoNonius Brasil Director