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Nonius offers a Voice product specifically designed for hospitality and compatible with the major analog and IP Phone Vendors.

A product developed for hospitality

Long gone are the times when hotels needed costly systems to get all the hospitality Voice/Telephony features required for the hospitality environment.
Nonius offers a product that meets all the requirements of hospitality and has as much mature as innovative.
It is a product built for hospitality that has proven to be a very cost-efficient investment for any property size.

The core features include a Built-in PMS integration, providing such services as billing, voicemail, wake-up call, room status update (e.g. housekeeping and mini-bar) and activation/deactivation of outbound calls from the room on check-in/check-out. Billing rates can be defined on-demand and detailed reports are available for guest and hotel staff telephone usage.

A very rich set of features all embedded in a single 1U Industrial grade appliance with the capacity to support any property type and size, the IP-PBX.


Migration to IP with a clear ROI!

The migration from analog to an IP Voice platform can be done in a couple of hours. Independently of the scenario, we have a solution that ensures the evolution of conventional PBX systems to a new, modern and reliable network architecture.

This is possible thanks to the perfect migration of PBX systems to an IP platform that Nonius provides, allowing the hotel to keep the guest phones, only adding a single appliance, the IP-PBX.

The following diagram depicts how we can preserve the in-room guest phones and migrate only the PBX and the staff phones to IP.


This type of migration allows for a smooth infrastructure conversion with a low investment.
The return on investment is achieved in less than a year thanks to operational gains and maintenance savings.


Impress and save with our BYOD Voice product

Still, with savings in mind, Nonius offers a Softphone solution for Hospitality, allowing hotels to eliminate or reduce the number of guest room phones.

The Nonius App Powered by the GuestU Platform, has this feature embedded that enhances the guest experience as “Bring Your Own Device” offers are now, more than ever, drivers of a booking decision.



The softphone is one of several features that the app can provide. The guest, with the Nonius guest mobile app, can control TV, control the room automation, get a personalized travel concierge, be connected to the hotel 24/7, use the mobile as a door key, automatically login to premium Wi-Fi, and many more features that allow the hotel to stand out from competition with a branded mobile app.



The app works on Android and iOS smartphones together with Nonius IP-PBX and, besides the savings it can bring,  it gives the guest a great user experience.



“From my contact with our clients, I know that choosing the right phone system for a hotel can prove to be a key factor in improving efficiency and quality of service. You need a phone system that is robust, reliable, scalable and cost effective, but you also require features unique to hotels and need to abide to local regulations for safety and security.
We serve the hospitality market for 14 years and manufacture Phone PBX for 10 years. It is this experience and focus on hospitality that you can count on to get a product that has the right balance between feature richness and cost effectiveness.
Count on us to help you build the right solution for your hotel. We will endeavour to build the product that will meet your business needs.” said Leonel Domingues, Founder & CTO of Nonius.



The Compatibility Guide:

You can find the list on our website Voice page and visit it to stay up to date:

Supported Guest Room IP Phones

GuestU Phone and Nonius App Powered by GuestU
AEI: AAX-4100AKD-5103, SFT-1100, SKD-1103, SSP-2110
Bittel: 20FV4, 20IPHSDFT1, 60IPDFT1, HT60IP60W, 60IPWFN, HA9888(62)TSDUM7711UM7712UM7713
Cetis: 19555IP, 195551IP, 3300IP MWD33119IP331191IP,
VTech: A1310, A141P, A2210A2310A2411A241SDUS2210

Reception/Frontdesk phones

Grandstream: GXP2170 + GXP2200EXT Module
Snom: D345 Desk Telephone

Supported Staff IP Phones

Alcatel: 3MG08006AA, 3MG27203FR
Alcatel Temporis Series: 10P180380580, IP200
Grandstream GXP16 Series: 1610, 1615, 1620, 1625, 1628, 1630
Grandstream GXP17 Series: 1760, 1760W, 1780,1782
Grandstream GXP21 Series: 2130, 2135, 2140, 2160, 2170
Snom D1 Series: D120
Snom D3 Series: D305D315, D320, D345, D370, D375D385
Snom 7/D7 Series: 710/D710, D712715/D715D725D745, D760, D765D785


Cisco SPA Series: 302, 303501G, 502G, 504G, 508G, 509G, 512G, 514G, 525G/G2
Grandstream: HT812

End of Life terminals

Cisco 7900 Series: 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961

Supported DECT Phones

Gigaset DECT Series: N510 IP PRON720 IP PRO (N510 Handset, N720 Handset)

Supported Conference Phones

Polycom SoundStation: 500060007000

PA Systems

Snom PA1 – Public Announcement System

GSM and Analog Gateways

AirLink GX450
Gateway Topex Mobilink GSM Analog
Grandstream: GXW42XX (16/24/32/48 FXS ports)
Teltonika: RUT955 Professional rugged Dual SIM 4G LTE & WiFi cellular router
Yeastar: TA Series FXO VoIP Gateway (TA410/TA810/TA1610)
Yeastar: TB Series BRI VoIP Gateway (TB200/TB400)