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The dashboard provides greater capacity to monitor and react. You can create conference codes, SSIDs with the organizer’s brand, monitor bandwidth consumption in real time and adjust to the attendee numbers bandwidth demand.

We support conference hotels for 14 years and we know you can’t have attendees struggling to access their email, streaming and VPN services. We know how tough it is and we have seen the panic on your faces! It is stressful if you can’t fix the problem and especially if you have no visibility of the problem. You can always count on our dedicated support services to help you but, with this new tool, you can also have greater visibility of what is going on.

Real-time monitoring and much more!

Following is a video that illustrates what this new dashboard can do for your capacity to organize conferences and provide them with optimal Wi-Fi service.

In the video, you can see real-time monitoring of ISP bandwidth, per conference bandwidth usage and user numbers in real-time. You can also see historical data to analyze consumption trends. On top of the screen, you can also see alarms (e.g. Rogue DHCP).

You can view a great amount of real-time and past data but also have alarms being displayed which are sent to our NOC and hotel-designated team in order to prevent or stop incidents.

Just like all other Nonius products, it is an open system and multi-vendor. It’s an advanced conference management tool that integrates with all major wireless manufacturers (Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Networks, Alcatel, Ubiquity, and many more).

On-site Technical Support

The new tools we provide give you great control and visibility but you can also use our services to setup and assist you on the conference. Nonius makes available a technician to monitor and assure the internet service to the attendees and guests for the duration of the conference.

Nonius also provides Spare equipment for redundancy, in case there’s a need for immediate replacement during the conference and stays ready for an urgent bandwidth upgrade you can upsell.

Get ready for roll-out!

Nonius will offer an upgrade to the new dashboard to all clients, independently of the brand of networking gear you have on-premises.

The Roll-out to the clients will happen during this year’s second quarter and clients with support contracts will qualify to get this tool. Some systems may need further software upgrades and clients will be contacted to schedule them. No hardware upgrades are expected but our support team will advise accordingly.


Trust Nonius to offer the Wi-Fi scalability, support, and service needed to run a smooth and successful conference!