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Technology at The Anndore House creates an unforgettable Experience

How simple solutions can create a superior guest experience, keeping guests connected for their entire stay.

As one of the most creative and energetic hotels in Canada, The Anndore House, an 11-story boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto, stands out for its fusion of retro and modern aesthetics, creating the perfect atmosphere for culture and art lovers.

To further enhance its guest’s experience, the hotel partnered with Nonius to provide an unforgettable Digital Guest Journey, that starts even before they enter the premises. This digital package is incorporated by solutions that focus on the guests’ experience, generating more revenue to the hotel and reducing operating costs.

Before entering the room

Once the guest makes the reservation, the journey begins. The Anndore House suggests the guest to install its customized Hotel App where all the information they need is showcased.

When the guest performs the online check-in, he receives a notification. He may now avoid check-in queue and go directly to the assigned room, as the Hotel app has a built-in mobile key feature, thanks to Dormakaba‘s Bluetooth integration with the Nonius product.

In-room features


When the guest enters the room, the welcoming scenario is activated, a comfortable preset of lights and air conditioning.

With the Nonius integration of the Honeywell-Inncom Room control, it’s possible to choose the temperature and intensity of the light. The guest room’s energy management system helps the hotel reduce operating costs by turning off the air conditioning and the lights when the guest exits the room.

The guest can regulate every aspect of the room from their own mobile device and the in-room TV.


After turning on the in-room TV from the mobile app, the guest receives a personalized welcome message. On the app they can access the TV guide and use it as a remote control for every feature of the platform. The hotel’s personalized TV platform allows the guest to watch their own content mirrored on the screen and access all types of information as its connected to the fast and reliable Wi-Fi solution provided by Nonius.


The seamless connectivity is made possible by the Ruckus Wireless Access Point implemented in every room. The Best in Class 802.11ac has a capacity of up to 162.5 Mbps and has a vast set of functionalities, all at the disposal of the guest, that is automatically connected as soon as he enters the hotel.

Out of the property

When checking out, the guest can again avoid the queue thanks to the mobile app that also enables the hotel to engage with guests even after they leave the property.

Adding to the memorable guest journey The Anndore House offers, with Nonius’ partnership the hotel reduced operating costs and increased the cross-selling of products and services.

Nonius and its partners’ highly qualified engineering teams designed, planned and implemented this project according to the needs and expectations of the hotel. Moreover, Nonius provides on-site support, as well as a 24/7/365 technical hotline.

“This was a really cool project to be a part of with Silver Hotel Group. Our goal was to make this hotel an innovative technology disruptor. The level of Guest Journey innovations in this project made us quite proud and we’d like to thank Silver Hotel Group for the really close cooperation in making this Guest Journey shared vision a reality.”

Giuseppe CarpintieriNonius Managing Director for North America