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Update uw Wi-Fi naar IHG Connect normen

Nonius is an approved vendor by InterContinental Hotel Group to conduct all the necessary tasks to offer IHG hotels Wi-Fi and Managed Networks services, following the IHG Connect standards and specifications.

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We are experts in IHG Connect

IHG Connect offers a faster, more reliable and consistent Internet experience for hotel guests. It combines significantly higher bandwidth and the most advanced cloud-based Wi-Fi technology.

We can help your hotel meet IHG Connect standards and go even beyond. We are ISO 9001 certified since 2012 and serve more than 3000 hotels with our Guest Wi-Fi and Managed Networks services.

Our price is highly competitive and we can finance you in OPEX if you don’t want the CAPEX upfront cost.

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Why update to IHG Connect with Nonius?

Unlimited connectivity

Alowing guests to connect and access Wi-Fi easily across multiple devices. No need to reconnect during the stay.


Ability to manage bandwidth spikes for surge periods, including during large meetings and corporate events.

Dedicated Wi-Fi

Consistent, dedicated Wi-Fi access to accommodate increased demand and volume.

Nonius' support

Proactive, 24/7 cloud-based monitoring and centralized technical support as well as monthly reports on incidents and on how your Wi-Fi is performing.

Capacity for growth

Built-in capacity to accommodate future demands allows for future offerings such as in-room entertainment, location-based marketing and personalized landing pages for loyalty members.

IHG Rewards Club

Auto-recognition for IHG Rewards Club members, where guests only need to sign in once to access Wi-Fi at all IHG Connect hotels. They will automatically be connected on future visits.

Become compliant with IHG Connect

Select Nonius to upgrade your Guest Wi-Fi
About Nonius

Longtime partnership with IHG

Adopters of Nonius Guest Wi-Fi and Managed Networks services can accomplish a double-digit increase in their guest Internet satisfaction scores.

We are an approved vendor to conduct tasks to offer IHG hotels network services, following the IHG Connect standards. This includes planning phase, design, configuration, supply of equipment, installation & on-going system and guest level support.

IHG designated us as a preferred partner and we regularly attend InterContinental meetings and conferences. Moreover, we serve many IHG properties worldwide from multiple brands.

19 years of experience in hospitality technology

We have been growing at a 25% rate since foundation in 2005 and serve more than 5.320 properties worldwide.

Presently, we have 17 subsidiaries in EMEA and the Americas and an extensive service partners network, Nonius is equipped to serve global hotel groups, local chains, and independent hotels.

We provide the best-in-class service supported by our cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform and our partnership with the network equipment vendors.