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A managed IPTV headend, designed by Nonius, for simple and cost-effective hotel TV deployments.

Nonius develops products for hotels since 2005 and IP TV Headend since 2011. It has been an amazing challenge and a continuous process, only possible with the trust and collaboration of our clients and TV operator partners. We now serve clients in 80 countries and it was only possible because we have built our own headend product family.

In the next picture you can see the full breadth of the TV headend product family and in this case its most recent G4 series:

From the diagram you can see how Nonius is able to cover the several standards and signal format and this way able to serve our clients globally.

It is a high-density headend with remote management and with a dashboard for channel usage statistics and alarms. Content can come from any type of format, from the traditional satellite delivery to the most recent OTT technology. It is a product family that can cover the most complex scenarios and challenges that our clients and TV operators pose to us worldwide.

The Nonius TV headend product family was specially designed for hospitality and enables the Hotels to capture content from a wide range of sources to produce the right mix of content that is relevant to travelers.

Nonius DVB/IP Gateway

This unit allows you to receive free and paid TV channels via satellite, terrestrial or cable antennas and ethernet. All channels are sent to the local IP network to be available on Hotel TVs.

The picture shows one of many combinations of inputs, and in this case it is the part number for the DVB/ IP Gateway with 16 DVB-S tuners.

Nonius AV/IP Encoder

This unit captures all digital signals from external TV operators and other types of devices such as bow cameras and hotel camera and transforms them into IP format for availability on the Hotel’s IP network.

It can do up to 16 HDMI inputs on a single unit and generate HD H.264 up to 5Mbps/channel.

Nonius OTT/IP

Perfect to add content that cannot be sourced from local TV operators. Those international channels that you desperately seek to satisfy the diversity of guests you receive.

It can support up to 20 HLS input streams and deliver the signal to the TVs and STBs in HLS or MPEG TS Multicast.

Nonius DRM/CAS

This is an important device that guarantees the rights of authors and content operators when distributing them to hotel TVs or STBs. Its purpose is to restrict the illegal distribution of protected content.

It can decrypt BISS-1, any CI CAM (e.g. Nagra) and It can encrypt with: Samsung Lynk DRM, LG Pro:Idiom M.


  • A Product designed for hospitality to serve the worldwide market.
  • Will enable your guest to access to worldwide TV channels on any geographical location.
  • One of the vastest TV signal reception range of formats/standards.
  • Simple, high capacity solution with space and power consumption optimization.
  • Ease of use: both in installation and operation.
  • Cost-effectively for hotels of all sizes.
  • Scalable to reduce risks and investment costs.

“We are very proud to serve, at the moment, clients in 80 countries and that is only possible because we were able to build, over the years, a product that can handle a multitude of formats and the many ways the operators chose to deliver TV signal. Every country and every TV operator, even within the same country, is different. Interoperability has been a challenge but, we know we can always find a way to make it work because we have a platform and the partnerships to do it. At the moment we are focusing our attention on OTT/CDN based content delivery in order to complement TV content from the local operators for the hotels that are desperately seeking to offer relevant content to international travelers.” said Leonel Domingues, Founder & CTO of Nonius.