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HDP Group has upgraded and expanded Nonius’ technology presence at its hotel, located in Oporto, to offer an even more complete experience to its guests.

Its large and fine facilities attract travelers seeking a balance between the tranquillity and comfort of their homes. The hotel has the perfect combination for leisure or business guests.

A Nonius partner since 2010, Porto Hotel & SPA has been building its confidence in our technologies over the years, making our state-of-the-art communication and entertainment products available to its customers. Always paying attention to its customers, the hotel seeks to meet their wishes and expectations, especially with regard to comfort and convenience.

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Communication, information and entertainment channel

Aiming at enhancing the guest experience, 9 years ago the hotel provided Nonius Interactive TV system and high quality and relevant Content to its guests.

For nearly a decade the technology deployed in the hotel has earned good reviews from its customers and resulted in the hotel choosing the latest Nonius Interactive TV software update.

The new system has new features that make communicating and delivering information to guests even more efficient. Homescreen has been updated to deliver the content they want simply and easily.

In addition to the software, TVs were also upgraded and Nonius was responsible for the replacement for LG’s Smart Pro:Centric model, with larger-sized, high-definition.

A highlight of this project was the reuse of the existing infrastructure in the hotel, which reduced the investment. This was achieved thanks to the very close collaboration with the hotel staff.

Casting and custom content

Porto Hotel and SPA choose Nonius Cast to surprise its guests and offer them a little more of the comfort of their homes. It is now possible for them to access their own content on their room TV in a practical and secure manner.

With this product, the hotel now offers them a personalized experience with no difficulty and content they value. The connection is frictionless!

Nonius has the most technically advanced casting pairing system on the market. Unmatched, it has the best usability and works on any network infrastructure. Guests just have to plug their mobile devices into the hotel’s Wi-Fi and their content can now be mirrored on their room TV.

Immediately after using Nonius Cast guests’ subscription credentials are eliminated, ensuring their privacy and data confidentiality.

The configurations of this product ensure that they have access to their room devices only, without conflicting or connecting to other devices in the hotel.

Internet management

To ensure balanced bandwidth distribution to all customers in the various areas of the hotel, both in the rooms and in the common areas, Nonius HSIA product has been installed.

Nonius Internet Management product has been used by the hotel since 2011 and, in addition to managing high-density internet, also provides guests with a captive portal that allows them to access the Internet with a single login simply and securely.

In 2016, the WGS20K was upgraded to meet growing demand due to the use of smartphones connected to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. With this new product, it has been possible to maintain the efficiency and fairness of internet distribution for the various guest equipment.

“Nonius’ choice as the hotel’s technology partner dates back to 2010, when we chose them to provide a small Internet access control solution for our business center. The partnership proved very interesting from the beginning. Both for the availability and the proximity support policy, as well as for the continued development of new technology solutions from Nonius. So, we began to view this partner as a natural solution for implementing new guest facing technologies.”

Emanuel SilvaIT Manager at Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

“It is a pride that after more than 8 years of serving Sheraton Porto with our Interactive TV system, we have been challenged for its full renovation. In addition to the modernization of digital communication of informative and entertaining content, it included Nonius Cast which allows the guest to view their own content in the hotel, with the same experience as it does at home.”

Andrade SantosSales Director Nonius Portugal