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The secret to make your app stick, is: Integration (check-in, mobile key, room control and voice), great content and a slick native UI/UX.

For 14 years Nonius has been developing products for hospitality. This experience gathered over the years allows us to create and evolve products and middleware that, right now, integrates with close to 100 vendors for: CRS/PMS/CRM, door locks and room automation.

All Nonius products work in standalone mode or together in a full stack, leveraging the integrated middleware and open APIs that are also available to the industry. Moreover, Nonius’ APIs are listed in the HTNG API registry.

Since 2015, Nonius has been producing mobile apps for hospitality. From 2018 onward the apps are being built by our GuestU team, a Nonius Strategic Business Unit, for Mobile. GuestU brought to Nonius an app platform with great UI/UX and a vast content library for city information.

A slick UI/UX and an unlimited capacity to integrate third party products is what makes our offer standout from the crowd. The integration and the native GUI enables the app to have better retention rates (Active users and session lengths) and deeper and more meaningful guest engagement (Conversion and Churn rates).

The app features a vast set of features, from which we are showing a few highlights:

Mobile check-in

Speeds up the registration process by allowing the guest to only provide a digital signature at the front desk. Or even skip the reception entirely!

Mobile key

After check-in, the electronic room key is sent to the Guest’s mobile device. The app can be used as an alternative to the usual room key as the door can be opened by pressing a button and holding the device near the door lock.

Watch it in action here.

Current charges & Checkout

During the stay, customers can see their current hotel expenses, verify them and begin the checkout from their mobile phone. All the process is integrated with the Hotel’s PMS/CRS.


Users can book a cab to the hotel through the hotel app.


The app show guests nearby attractions like the best restaurants in town and city tips by category, walking tours or events in the city.

Contrôle des Chambres

Users can use their mobile device as a remote control for the TV; in addition to controlling curtains, lighting, and the air conditioning.


Extension of the guest-room Phone: Cost free and one-click calls to the hotel reception (inside or outside the hotel) and free international voice calls.

Guest Requests

Guests make requests by filling out a form associated with a service or product provided by the Hotel. Staff can access backoffice on desktop and mobile to manage requests.

Guest Survey

A simple survey can be activated with a rating system and can capture written feedback about the hotel’s services.

Watch how the App can improve your Digital Guest Journey.

“We are very pleased with the way our app has been received by hotels and their guests. All the developments we have been working on make for a product that enhances guest experience with a great native UI/UX and many valuable features for guests and hotel teams. Our goal is to allow guests to use the hotel App as the single platform to interact with the hotel environment, for making a reservation, having a live-chat with the concierge, order room service or even open the room door.” said Manuel Lima, Operations Director of GuestU.