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Empower your guests and free up your front desk

By 6 novembre 2019juillet 25th, 2023Actualités, Mobile, Produit
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Automate repetitive processes and free up your team to focus on the guests, with a highly integrated CRM platform, specially designed for hotels, that covers the whole guest journey.


Knowing your guests is paramount to build a great guest experience but you need to know what to do with that information. Nonius provides a Marketing platform, that can transform knowledge into actions and actually improve the guest experience, increasing profitability through the sale of additional services, increasing efficiency and guest loyalty.


This tool is built based on 2 main pillars: Process Automation and Guest Empowerment.


  • Check-in automation integrated with major CRS/PMS vendors. Check the full list here;
  • Automation of email campaigns triggered by the stage of the journey the guest is on;
  • Automatic audience segmentation, consolidating data from PMS, CRS, GIA/Wi-Fi, and other sources.


  • Guests can check-in online anytime and provide details for the hotelier to tailor the guest journey;
  • They can customize their stay using many promotions that are offered to them;
  • They also can rate the services at any step of the journey – in real-time!


Watch our video and understand how we can help you improve the guest journey with our B-Guest Platform.


In the video you can see the 3 modules (Check-in, Campaigns, Ratings) we have developed for you that materialize the 2 pillars described above. The product is sold as SaaS and it comes with a vast number of integrations that are enabled through the Nonius Integration Hub (NONIUS.HUB). This “Hub” will be made available as a separate product in Q1-2020 to be used to integrate any product besides Nonius’ products.

“At Nonius we believe it’s fundamental to empower the guests, allow them to tailor their experience and to be in control at every step of the journey. We are investing in the evolution of our products with that principle in mind and we foresee that, in order to offer such power to the guest, automation is needed in its simplest forms. Also, the use of artificial intelligence, that can learn, predict and assist the guest to make every journey a memorable experience. This product will soon be further enhanced by using a combination of big data technology and cognitive computing techniques to help hoteliers to better engage with the guests.” said Leonel Domingues, Nonius Founder & CTO.