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Streamline hotel processes with Nonius Guest App and Knowcross

By 27 janvier 2022avril 19th, 2024Actualités, Hub, Mobile, Produit
Our mobile solution is now integrated with Knowcross to support hotel operations and provide the ultimate guest experience!

We have been evolving our technology to offer the most efficient solutions to our clients. We aim not only to exceed guest expectations but also to support staff adaptation into this new digital environment, so they can provide guests with the utmost safety and comfort.

As a result, the Nonius Hotel App and Knowcross integration, hosted by our cloud platform, the Nonius Hub, will instantly connect the guest with the maintenance and housekeeping team, through their mobile. Getting the right staff, in the right place, at the right time with a faster response!

Powerful Impact Behind the Scenes

Adopting the most resourceful technology to streamline daily operations becomes a priority, especially in a staff shortage scenario like the one hoteliers are experiencing now.

Knowcross is a global leader in providing software products for hotel operations that ease staff access to guest data to anticipate, respond faster, and surpass their expectations.

By enabling our mobile app with the Knowcross platform, the hotel and its guests will experience a new powerful integration.

Guests can use their mobile devices to report any maintenance or housekeeping service. The hotel staff will receive an alert on the Knowcross platform to schedule the task and manage the priorities. When the task is complete, guests receive a notification on the app and can follow the status of their requests in real-time.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Having hotel departments synchronized will increase the efficiency of all operations, reduce costs and enhance guests’ satisfaction from arrival to departure.

Staff will save valuable time by tracking and handling guests’ requests, complaints, and maintenance needs. Consequently, your staff can spend more time focusing on your guests. Department managers can now stay connected and analyze overall performance to communicate with their teams and optimize hotel services.

Elevate the Guest Experience

A personalized engagement will empower the team to know your guests better and increase the revenue by promoting the hotel services and by delivering a memorable guest journey.

Enabling your guests to quickly report any incident or special needs will avoid negative online reviews and turn what would be dissatisfied customers into loyal clients.

This new partnership between Nonius and Knowcross will automate your operations and drive more revenue!

“The Nonius App is, by design, open to integrating with other hospitality software solutions. Knowcross is already used by many of our clients to manage their housekeeping and maintenance teams, so this integration makes all the sense, allowing the hotel to make their operation more efficient. Staff can now see and manage all the guest requests centralized in the Knowcross dashboard.”

Manuel LimaMobile Business Unit Director at Nonius