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Restaurant Contactless Menu and QR Code Ordering

By 12 Gennaio 2021Aprile 19th, 2024App ristorante, Mobile, Notizia, Prodotto

Provide a safer service at your hotel restaurants through a contactless menu, QR code generator and ordering.

Due to the new safety needs, restaurants at hotels have also had to adapt. The biggest challenge has been to find ways to reduce physical contact and fast table turns while offering a good experience to customers.

Now, with our restaurant app solution, it is possible to present the menus in digital format, allow customers to book a table, place their orders and follow the status of the preparation.

See how simple it is to offer a Contactless Restaurant service in your hotel

Our solution for Restaurants is available in Web and App versions compatible with Android and iOS. Access is done through the QR Code available on the table, and if they do not want to download the App version, customers can access the web version.

The QR Code scan process automatically identifies the table number to which orders will be placed.

A vast set of features in just one platform:

  • Allows customers to place orders autonomously and quickly
  • You can add one or more restaurants in the same platform
  • Allows multiple mobile devices to place orders simultaneously on the same table
  • Allows hotel guests to order from their rooms
  • For hotels that already have their own App, it is possible to offer the restaurant solution integrated into the same App


The backoffice of this solution allows the restaurant team to create QR Codes, receive and manage customer orders in a friendly and straightforward way.

"Due to the new needs that have arisen in the last year, we have thought of several ways to assist in our customers' routine and processes. Combining Nonius expertise in the hospitality market, with the feedback from our clients and the latest trends in F&B ordering, all powered by our technological capabilities, we were able to create a very interesting solution for the operation of the hotel's restaurants.

The Restaurant App is a user-friendly solution, that will allow a better and safer experience for both customers and staff. We hope that this tool can improve the guest experience and operations of hotels."

Manuel LimaNonius Mobile Business Unit Director