Contactless Menu and QR Code orders in

your hotel’s Restaurant App

Web & App platform

Improve your service and guest satisfaction

Allow your customers to check your restaurant’s menu, make a table reservation, order their food, and keep up with its status. Customers can easily scan a QR Code at the table that will take them to the Web App, or they can choose to download the native iOS/Android App of the restaurant where they will have access to the same benefits.

See how simple it is to offer a Contactless Restaurant service in your hotel!

Provide a contactless safer service with your restaurant app

Contactless Menu

Replace the physical menu by displaying it in the app with easy access through a QR Code on the table.


Customers can easily order from their room or from the restaurant table using a QR Code for identification.

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QR Code Generator

Backoffice to generate unlimited QR codes for all the tables, with or without background artwork.


Include promotions and offers in the App and send push notifications to the customers’ phones.

Ease up your restaurant operations

Multiple Devices

Allows each table to have multiple devices for every guest to order simultaneously.

For groups

You can add multiple restaurants in the same web app for groups and to simplify menu management.


For hotels that already have their branded app, it’s possible for guests to access the restaurant solution from the home page.

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