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Dakota Hotels Enhances Guest Experience with Nonius Technology

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Dakota Hotels and Nonius, aimed at transforming the digital experience for guests across all five luxurious Dakota Hotels locations in the UK.

Dakota Hotels, a distinguished boutique hotel brand, boasts five splendid destinations: Edinburgh, Eurocentral, Glasgow, Leeds, and Manchester. Renowned for their unparalleled hospitality and distinctive ambiance, Dakota Hotels embody elegance and sophistication.

For the past few years, Dakota Hotels has relied on Nonius as a pivotal partner in refining its guest digital solutions. Recently, Dakota Hotels reaffirmed its commitment by collaborating with Nonius to revamp guest entertainment offerings in its properties.

Nonius TV & Cast: Revolutionising Guest Entertainment Experience

In Manchester and Leeds, Dakota Hotels upgraded their TV system through collaboration with Sky and Nonius, offering an extensive channel lineup complemented by a full Interactive IPTV system. Additionally, with Nonius Cast, guests can enjoy a cloud-based, secure, and seamless casting solution, allowing them to stream their favourite content directly to their in-room’s TV, making them feel at home.

Nonius Internet & Networks: Enhancing Guest Connectivity

Recognizing the indispensable nature of high-speed Internet connectivity, Dakota Hotels embarked on a Wi-Fi & Network upgrade journey in Leeds and Manchester. Powered by Nonius and Cambium Networks, this upgrade ensures unparalleled Internet availability, delighting guests. Inspired by the success witnessed in these properties, Dakota Hotels has committed to extending this solution to the Glasgow property.

Nonius Mobile: Empowering Guest Engagement

Dakota Hotels introduces a Branded Hotel Group Mobile App, seamlessly integrating information across all five locations. From restaurant details and menus to exclusive Dakota Insiders rates, the app offers guests unparalleled access to Dakota’s world. The app grants guests with booking capabilities, local guides, and exclusive content, all at their fingertips.

Nonius UK Ensures Local Support Excellence

With a dedicated UK subsidiary, Nonius ensures seamless design, deployment, and support of guest and corporate networks. From proactive maintenance to specialised 24/7 support, Nonius guarantees a superior technological experience, empowering Dakota Hotels to focus on delivering exceptional hospitality.

“Dakota Hotels and Nonius partnership has been pivotal in enhancing guest experiences. We are grateful for their trust and commitment to innovation. Together, we have pushed boundaries and elevated the digital guest experience. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership for years to come."

Hayden DoyleManaging Director at Nonius UK