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The refit was conducted with Nonius products to increase stability, maintainability, enhance guest experience and reduce operation costs.

Situated just off the capital island of Mahé, Eden Bleu Hotel Seychelles is the prime choice for a luxurious holiday, short getaway or conference. There you can experience the sights, sounds and surroundings of paradise in a five-star setting. In addition to being tastefully decorated, each of the 94 Deluxe, Luxury and Presidential Rooms and Suites boast world-class amenities and spectacular views.

Keeping up with the latest technology

Eden Bleu Hotel Seychelles was looking for a new partner to update their IT systems to increase stability and performance with the goal of delivering an improved guest experience. Nonius rose to the challenge by enhancing the TV System and taking over Network Management from the previous providers that were managing this property since its 2014 grand opening.

New TV system reusing existing TVs

The existing TV sets were reused (LY750H model from LG) but the system was changed from an analogue coaxial TV distribution to an IPTV system adding Nonius middleware to the “IPTV ready” TV set.

The 3 year old TVs have now great picture quality and rich content to impress the guest and bring efficiency to the operation.

The existing Apple TVs were configured to achieve a much stable integration with the Wi-Fi and TV.

Review and improve of Wi-Fi service

The Wi-Fi network equipment was completely reconfigured and is now all set according to the industry best practices for network configuration and security.

Nonius Guest Internet Access Management system was deployed to provide reliable Wi-Fi for guests, public areas and staff. Eden Bleu Hotel Seychelles now provides a superior Wi-Fi experience, allowing seamless connectivity to any mobile device throughout the property.

The entire network was reconfigured with minimal downtime possible, so that there was no significant impact on hotel operation. The network is now in line with today’s guest demand for bandwidth.

Cloud Dashboard & Support Services

The hotel has now access to a Cloud Dashboard where it can sees status, alerts, usage, statistics and analytics of all Guest Technology products and services provided to guests.

  • Link monitoring (occupancy, speed, failures)
  • Usage (GIA/Wi-Fi, TV, Voice, Business Center, Content)
  • Social media comments and ratings (, TripAdvisor, …)
  • Guest devices statistics (type of devices per usage)
  • Hotel PMS stats (Room occupancy/usage)
  • System equipment stats & alarms
  • Free and premium services usage statistics
  • Support/SLA monitoring (tickets, severity)

Nonius highly qualified engineering team designed, planned and implemented this project according to the needs and expectations of the hotel. Moreover, Nonius provides 24/7/365 technical support hotline.

The success of this project was only possible thanks to the great collaboration between the hotel IT staff and Nonius that worked closely together in order to refit the hotel with an advanced hospitality guest facing technology in an efficient manner.

“Eden Bleu Hotel already was leading the way as the most digitally advanced hotel in the Indian Ocean and chose Nonius as a partner in order to differentiate itself with the most advanced technology. Technology progresses at a very high pace so, Eden Bleu Hotel is constantly ensuring that we are not left behind.”

Manuel PolicarpoGeneral Manager at Eden Bleu Hotel

For more info about this project and our products and services in general please email [email protected].