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Let’s make casting to the guest room TV frictionless!

By 13 março 2018fevereiro 11th, 2022Cast, Entretenimento de TV, Notícias, Produto

Here it is, finally, a simple and secure way for guests to get their own movies and shows on the TV screen.


Nowadays, guests carry their own content subscriptions for movies, TV series, games, videos, photos, music, and more. All of these on their mobile device…
With that in mind, Nonius developed a product that brings to the guest room the simplicity people have, when at home, casting to the TV screen the content they own from subscribing to Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Guests only need to be connected to the Hotel Guest Wi-Fi and, like at home, they will be able to connect their device to the TV. The guests can only see and control the TV in their room and the guest’s privacy is guaranteed as their data and credentials aren’t stored nor logged on the TV system.

We believe we have the best solution in the market in terms of usability and compatibility with existing TVs and Wi-Fi infrastructure. There is no need for a “special box in the room” and it is a product that is affordable to any type of property.



  • Product that integrates with multiple Wi-Fi vendors and compatible with any Hospitality TV
  • Open API for 3rd Party systems integration. For integration with 3rd Party captive portals if not from Nonius

Seamless and Secure

  • Guests don’t need to change from the hotel wi-fi network
  • Pairing using PMS integration with captive portal and/or QR code
  • Guaranteed privacy for the guest content and credentials


High compatibility

  • Simple setup connecting a standard Chromecast device to the in-room TV HDMI port. Any TV will do
  • Compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone & tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop
  • Can coexist with Apple TV airplay in the same room

Easily Managed

  • All devices Chromecast dongles are controlled and managed in real-time
  • A Dashboard for monitoring/Reporting and ROI analysis
  • Tamper detection and locked configuration


Let us help you build, with our technology and this most recent product, a simple and secure BYOC (Bring Your Own Content) solution. In terms of hardware, we will be using standard Chromecast device and a single appliance in your server room.

The core to this solution is a software component developed by our own team and is powered by the Nonius WGS20K Appliance – Multigigabit appliance.

We name this software component “CastController” and the features it provides are the following:

  • Implements a Device Management Server for the Google Chromecast Dongles
  • Includes Embedded Interface with PMS for the pairing of Guest device and Cast receiver (Chromecast dongle)
  • API for integration with existing HSIA captive portals from 3rdParty
  • Integration Modules for Wi-Fi Controllers (Ruckus, Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, …)
  • Implements Cast Filtering methods for Privacy Assurance
  • Provides Chromecast configuration locking
  • Real-Time Monitoring / Tamper detection integrated with Hotel Dashboard from Nonius
  • Available in the form of a High Reliable Rack Server Appliance – 1U for on-premises installation.


Please contact us to know more about this product and any associated services you may require from us to offer this solution in your hotel. We will be glad to answer all your questions!