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Introducing Nonius Mobile Check-In with AI-Powered Face Recognition for Seamless ID Validation

By 18 januari 2024Mobile, Nyheter, Product
This latest enhancement to our Mobile Solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to revolutionise your hotel’s check-in process and bring unparalleled efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Elevate the Check-In Experience

This cutting-edge feature empowers guests to conveniently complete their check-in online before arrival with Seamless ID Face Recognition Validation. This not only enhances the guest experience, but also translates into substantial time and cost savings for your hotel.

Guests Bypass the Hotel Reception, Staff Savings

Say goodbye to long queues at the hotel reception. With Nonius Mobile, guests can check in seamlessly using their smartphones, reducing the workload at the hotel reception and freeing up your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Quick and Easy Authentication

Our face recognition technology ensures quick and secure authentication, making the check-in process a breeze for both guests and staff.

AI for Process Automation and Efficiency

Embrace the future of hospitality with our AI-driven ID validation, streamlining your check-in procedures for optimal efficiency.

Ensuring Accuracy and Reduce Fraud

Trust in the accuracy of our system to minimise errors in your PMS, while simultaneously enhancing security measures to reduce the risk of fraud.

Supports Nearly All ID Cards and Passports

Nonius Mobile is versatile and compatible with a wide range of ID cards and passports, providing a universal solution for your diverse guest demographic. Currently our solution supports documents for +190 countries.

Online Check-In for Contactless Convenience

Guests submit their details online before arrival, avoiding the hotel reception, expediting the check-in process and benefiting from a contactless experience. Integration with major PMS vendors ensures seamless operations.

Eco-Friendly Process

Nonius Mobile not only streamlines front-desk workload and minimises data errors, but also promotes an eco-friendly check-in process by significantly reducing paper printings.

Ready to transform your check-in process? Discover the future of hospitality with Nonius Mobile’s ID Validation and Face Recognition.
To learn more, contact our team to schedule a personalised demonstration.

“I am thrilled to introduce Nonius Mobile's latest game-changer – AI-Powered Face Recognition for Seamless ID Validation. This feature not only enhances the guest experience but also slashes check-in times, freeing up your staff and reducing costs. Quick, secure, and compatible with worldwide IDs, it's a seamless leap into the future of hospitality. Trust in Nonius Mobile for an eco-friendly, contactless check-in process that ensures both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.”

Manuel LimaNonius Mobile Business Unit Director