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The Nonius perspective on how to leverage guest social data, respect privacy, augment the guest experience and grow the business.


Hoteliers want to leverage guest data to provide a better customer digital experience, accelerate digital transformation and innovate to differentiate.

Nonius provides the tools to collect the data, the middleware and APIs to integrate with 3rd party tools to analyze the collected data and the marketing platform to edit and segment campaigns.

In this article, we describe one use case, in particular, the one where we collect data from the Wi-Fi Login (splash page) and the Landing page.

Wi-Fi login and landing page

Login page collection

Using email and social networks login, we can collect names, gender, age, types of devices used, e-mails, location, etc.
Integrations available to collect social data:

We customize and optimize your Wi-Fi Landing page for Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Use the data in your CRM

We integrate with standalone Marketing campaign platforms (e.g. Mailchimp) or with full-fledged Hospitality CRM platforms like (Oracle Cloud CRM).

You can also use our Marketing platform. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a lightweight marketing platform that covers touchpoints from pre-stay online check-in, stays and post-stay. 

The following video shows how the Nonius platform implements this use case and how you can benefit from it.

We hope the video was a good introduction to how we can help you with the matter of leveraging social data collected from the Wi-Fi platform.

Beyond Wi-Fi

Nonius offers many ways to collect and leverage data and other articles will follow on this subject. We leave you here with a sneak peek into the many building blocks you can get from us.

The following diagram describes Nonius Guest Intelligence architecture for data collection and marketing channels.

Regardless if you are an independent hotel or a chain, you want a complete platform for marketing or just some building blocks or middleware, please come to us and we will work with you to find what better fits your profile and your strategy.

Privacy above all!

Information is very important, but you have to respect the rights and existing regulatory frameworks.
We ensure all information collection and storage are compliant with standards and local regulation, namely: GDPR, LGPD and PCI-DSS.
We ensure the capturing of data is done with the due consent and revocation of such consent is done under the European and Brazilian Data Protection Acts. We ensure the data stays in the sphere of the hotel, we do not use it for other purposes and it is not passed on to third parties.

More info:

This article is one of several that we intend to publish to show you how our tools can help you navigate through this matter of collecting data, respecting user rights, augmenting the experience and grow your business. We hope you found it useful and we would love to hear from you.
For more information on data privacy contact [email protected]
For information on products and services call our offices or email [email protected].

“Nonius is constantly developing new products and new features. It is part of the DNA of the company. This organic growth in the offer has been complemented with the acquisition of companies with innovative technology that completes our vision of touching the client on every point of its journey.

We have grown from a single product to having one of the most complete offers in the industry. A testament to our commitment to expand our offer is the addition of a product for the marketing & big data domain.

We can help you capture, map, store, analyze and even publish your marketing campaigns but, we also know the challenges of balancing compliance with privacy laws with the need to personalize marketing. GDPR and similar privacy laws (LGPD) are changing the way hospitality marketers interact with guests and we cannot deny its impact.

It is time to embrace this change in the industry and create an even more personalized marketing strategy, better segment the campaigns, improve the experience and get those repeat clients that are key to your business growth. Count on us to build the guest intelligence and personalization you need to drive your business.” said Leonel Domingues, CTO at Nonius.