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19 years of experience in hospitality technology


We promote integrity through exceptional business ethics and honesty.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement through hard work and passion.


We constantly improve the quality of products, services and working conditions.


We achieve greater efficiency, innovation and development through teamwork.

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Cloud or On-premise Voice Solution

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António Silva

CEO & Co-Founder

António is an innovative thinker, energetic leader, known for the ability to focus on customer needs. He is responsible for management, strategic planning, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, business development and sales leadership. He possesses vast professional experience in the telecom industry with a focus on Internet technology. Antonio has a bachelor in Electronics from the Polytechnic Engineering Institute of Porto, where he excelled as a student.

Leonel Domingues

CTO & Co-Founder

Currently using an extensive technical skill set to define technology adoption, evaluating its commercial implications and presenting these both internally and to customers.

22 years of experience in the development of software and telecommunications products. This experience is now used for the benefit of Hospitality Industry, and more specifically dedicated to create new products that enhance the guest experience.

Before Nonius, Leonel worked as R&D Team Leader and Architect at Alcatel-Lucent UK, as a senior engineer at EFACEC, as an engineer at Idite-Minho R&D Institute and was lecturer and R&D contractor at the University of Minho.

At Alcatel-Lucent, among several other technical and management roles, Leonel worked in the specification of the architecture of the UMTS-RNC and in the layer 2 and Layer 3 development. Leonel played an important role in system and network architecture of the Femto Base Station Router, dealing with aspects of mobility, security, resource management, IP services, etc.

Excelled as Architect (SW and HW), Team Leader, Project manager, Field Support, Network Planning and several other roles.

Marco Catarino


Marco has an executive role with responsibility for managing the group's finances. He leads the finance function including corporate financing, securing the company’s cash flow, controller, treasury, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and dealing with mergers and acquisitions. Marco is focused on the efficiency and strategic value creation for the Nonius’ group.

Before Nonius, Marco worked as Operations Director in Beta Capital, a venture capital firm helping technology-driven companies from different industries, to grow and deliver great results.

Marco has a bachelor in Economics from the University of Porto and a Post Graduate Degree in Finance from Catholic University of Portugal.

Bryan Steele

Board Advisor

An internationally experienced Executive, Board Advisor, Trustee, and Non-Executive with a wealth of knowledge in technical solutions for forward-thinking organisations as well as expertise in GDPR compliance. Throughout his career he has developed a strong commercial awareness, helping to give businesses the edge in their chosen market.

His strong analytical skills enable him to focus in on the issues and opportunities that organisations face. He challenges the status quo, creates effective strategies and supports teams to implement these positive changes.

Having notably diverse experience throughout his career working within hospitality, technology, consumer goods, speciality chemicals, and the voluntary and charity sectors, he has the necessary in-depth understanding to make dramatic change in businesses successful.

This varied range of industry knowledge he has acquired helps to facilitate change, drive operational efficiency and improve financial performance. He is passionate about seeing businesses achieve their potential.