Hotel Chromecast for guest devices

Make your guests feel at home with a seamless hotel chromecast solution to watch their favourite streaming contents. Compatible with any Wi-Fi network or TV.

What is special about our Chromecast for hotel?

Chromecast hotel data security

How do we guarantee privacy and data security for guest contents and credentials?

  • Automatically erases guest streaming services account credentials at check-out;
  • Also deletes all guest visualization history and cache;
  • Room isolation so that only room Chromecast(s) are visible;
  • 100% compliance with the latest GDPR updates;
  • Physical locking of the in-room Chromecast device;
  • Chromecast device tamper detection to alert the maintenance.
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You can have your Hotel info channel and Welcome message in the Chromecast Portal!

  • PMS integration for personalized Welcome Message;
  • Support for different content types: media content, image, text;
  • No need for extra equipment and compatible with any TV;
  • QR Code support for frictionless pairing;
  • Step by step user instructions;
  • Integration with 3rd party signage system for the Hotel info channel.
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With our Cast Standalone you don’t need any 3rd party equipments or integrations!

For any TV brand and doesn’t need an IPTV system

No need for PMS connection or integration

Supports multiple devices per TV and per room

Compatible with soundbars and multi-zone audio

Simultaneously supports Chromecast and Apple TV

Nonius Cast Controller

The CORE for a fast, easy to deploy and maintain Chromecast hotel solution

Powered by Nonius WGS20K Appliance

Chromecast hotel Cast Controller Wi-Fi

The Cast Controller is the software module developed by Nonius that runs on the Nonius WGS20K appliance. Above all, it ensures a safe and reliable connection between the TV and mobile devices. It guarantees pairing, control and isolation.

  • Device Management Server for the Google Chromecast Dongles;
  • Embedded PMS middleware for association of Guest device(s) to the Chromecast dongle(s) in the guest room;
  • Open API for integration with existing HSIA from 3rdParty;
  • Cast Filtering for Privacy Assurance;
  • Monitoring / Tamper detection and Alarms;
  • Logs and diagnostics of connectivity and traffic;
  • Traffic QoS and limitation.

Compatible with any Chromecast enabled device!

Chromecast hotel dongle compatible
Chromecast hotel compatible tv
All generations of Chromecast dongles
Apple TV, many Smart TVs as well as Speakers