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Hotel Chromecast for guest devices

Make your guests feel at home with a cloud, secure and seamless chromecast hotel solution to watch their favourite streaming contents. Compatible with any Wi-Fi network or TV.

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How does our flexible Chromecast for hotel work?

Increase revenue and save on paper collateral

The Nonius Cast TV portal can boost marketing by directly promoting services to guests, saving paper and improving eco-friendliness, operational efficiency, and brand loyalty. Advertise and cross-promote new special packages for guests’ next stay, like an offer from dining, the facilities or highlight new property openings.

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Chromecast hotel data security

Worry-free guest experience

Make your guests feel at home with a seamless Cast solution to watch their favourite streaming content. The flexible pairing process can be done seamlessly through the Wi-Fi captive portal or by scanning a QR code on the guest room TV. The guests’ privacy is guaranteed as their data and credentials are not stored or logged on the TV system.

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Hotel Chromecast

No 3rd party equipment or integration

Our cloud-based solution works seamlessly with existing equipment and Wi-Fi, with no need for new hardware. With physical locking and tamper detection for Chromecast, multiple devices can be supported per TV and room.

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New Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

  • Unveiling the New Cast Cloud Back-office UI;
  • Enhanced Signal Quality Assessment;
  • Streamlined Logging Interface;
  • Comprehensive Error Identification;
  • Diagnostics and Testing Made Easy;
  • Simplified Troubleshooting Actions.
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Do you know what your guests enjoy watching?

Our dashboard provides a comprehensive view of streaming service usage trends, normalized by occupancy levels with PMS integration. It shows cumulative adoption and unique guest/room usage at individual properties. Additionally, the chart detects anomalies and offers operational status information for all Chromecast devices, aiding both technical support and hotel IT/maintenance teams.

Compatible with any Chromecast-enabled device!

Chromecast hotel compatible tv
Apple TV, many Smart TVs as well as Speakers

Nonius Cast with an interactive TV mode

Do you have Nonius Cast with Chromecast Gen4 already integrated into your hotel? If so, you can now activate an interactive TV mode. This feature functions as an add-on and only requires a small cache edge appliance in the server room.

New Feature

Fully Personalized and Centrally Managed Chromecast Homepage

Easily manage your Chromecast Homepage content from anywhere, even without an IPTV system. Promote your brand, offers, loyalty programs, and more with our intuitive Cloud-based Cast Homepage Editor.

  • Centralised Content Management
  • Ready-to-Use Templates
  • User-Friendly Canva Editor
  • Fully Customizable