TV Headend for any TV Systems and Signal

The managed TV Headend for signals anywhere in the world and for robust and cost-effective TV deployments in all Hotel segments and any other property.

Designed to be robust, cost-effective and simple to deploy

Amazing range

One of the vastest TV signal reception range of formats/standards.

Optimized hardware

Simple, high capacity solution with space and power consumption optimization.

Adaptable to you

Cost-effective for properties of all sizes and markets: Hotel, Maritime, Cruise Offshore, Corporate, etc.

Ease of use

Both in installation and operation.


To reduce risks and investment costs.

Open API

SNMP and REST Open API for control and monitoring.

Linear TV Headend

We design, develop and produce every appliance in-house. But what does each equipment do?

DVB/IP Gateway

DVB/IP Gateway

Allows you to receive TV channels traditionally or the ethernet. The signal is sent to the local IP network to be available on Hotel TVs.

IP/IP Transcoder

IP/IP Transcoder

Provide HD content to legacy SD support devices and real-time transcoding of HD IPTV streams up to 4 inputs.

HDMI/IP Encoder

HDMI/IP Encoder

Converts HDMI sources making it available on an IP network. Ideal to convert video from TV set-top boxes and other HDMI outputs.

AV/IP Encoder

AV/IP Encoder

This unit captures all digital signals from external TV operators and transforms them into IP format for availability on the Hotel’s IP network.

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OTT Encoder & Cache

OTT/IP Gateway

OTT/IP Gateway

Perfect to add content that cannot be sourced from local TV operators. Those international channels that you desperately seek to satisfy the diversity of guests you receive. Reduce the downlink footprint by relaying all the TV/STBs requests through an OTT Gateway, centralizing your TV feeds into one place. Guests won’t utilize the Internet downlink while watching TV.

DRM/CAS Gateway

DRM/CAS Gateway

This is an important device that guarantees the rights of authors and content operators when distributing them to hotel TVs or STBs. Its purpose is to restrict the illegal distribution of protected content.

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