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Apartments, Camping, Hostels and others

Luxury Apartments

We have been delivering tailored high quality and robust solutions to fully furnished luxury apartments, with single or multiple suites, available for a short or long-term stay, providing premium hotel-like amenities such as room service, breakfast, gym, etc. 

Solutions adopted by Luxury Apartments include Guest Wi-Fi, Digital Signage for events, TV Cast, Mobile APP to deliver Mobile Key, Check-In and Check-Out.

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Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments generally are provided without any additional service and in most cases are located in residential buildings and typically used for a short and mid-stay. 

We have been delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to Serviced Apartments such as Guest CRM, Mobile Key, Check-In and Check-Out and Guest Smartphone with Mobile Concierge.

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Outdoor Hospitality

Outdoor hospitality venues include Camping parks, Eco Resorts, Nature lodges and mountain/river lodges, all located in a remote destination in nature. They target eco-tourists, by offering a nature-based experience.

We have delivered high quality and eco-friendly technological solutions to these properties such as Internet & Networks, Mobile Web & Native App and Guest CRM.

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Casino Hotels

These are typically Luxury Hotels with gaming facilities with sumptuous food and beverage operations complementing the casino operations. Nonius has deployed tailored digital multimedia and entertainment solutions to the rooms and public areas, which promote the Casino offer.

The most adopted solutions by Casino Hotels are Interactive TV, Movies, Digital Signage and Internet & Network.

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A Hostel provides a clean, easy, affordable place to stay for young and budget-conscious individuals willing to share facilities and even a room, because of the social experience. We provide solutions adapted to the young traveller.

Solutions adopted by Hostels include Social Wi-Fi, Mobile Web & Native App and Guest CRM.

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Love Hotels

Short-stay, day-use only hotel with tariffs extending from 30 minutes to several hours, operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy and intimacy.  We supply many Love Hotels with tailored contents and cost-effective technology solutions.

Love Hotels usually adopt solutions such as Interactive TV, Adult Movies and Channels, Telephony and Guest Wi-Fi.

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