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Cloud or On-premise Voice Solution

We offer a seamless, secure and future-ready solution for your hotel phone system. With advanced PMS interface, detailed call accounting, voicemail, real-time room status and compatibility with a wide range of hotel phones.

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Cloud-Based Communication System

The robust features of our on-premises solution with the streamlined simplicity of the cloud. Ideal for the modern hotel or group making its move to cloud-based systems.

This diagram is a typical deployment scenario for our Cloud edition of the Nonius Voice Solution. The Nonius Voice Cloud PBX is the brain of the operation, handling all the calls within the hotel and connecting to the outside world.
To ensure this brain can communicate effectively with the PMS, we have a “translator” named the “Nonius Hub” that is capable of interfacing with over 100 PMSs.

Strategic Partnerships for a Complete Communication Suite

We’ve teamed up with leading providers to deliver a top-notch voice solution that’s scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. Our range of services includes DID numbers, SIP trunking, and international & local voice termination.



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Hotel phone system

On-premises IP-PBX

A hotel phone system with an IP-PBX solution specially built for hospitality. One single robust appliance in the rack with flexibility in the number and type of ports.

Cost-effective replacement for an end-of-life PBX, and provides a quick payback when replacing existing systems because of support contract savings. The system permits the re-use of analogue room phones.

Key features for your new Hotel Phone System

(*) to work outside the property requires a Session Border Controller (SBC)

(**) redundancy supported by hot standby appliance

(***) SIP trunk to be acquired by property and dependent on local carrier

We partner with leading hotel phone vendors to ensure compatibility