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Cloud-based Interactive Hotel TV for premium hospitality

Inform and impress with our hotel TV platform, while reducing staff costs via digitalization. Increase revenue with room service ordering integrated with PMS, POS, email and the kitchen printer.

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Hotel TV solutions deployed in more than 1330 properties


High definition Guest interface meeting the hotel brand standards with total content flexibility.

Simple and Robust

Cloud or on-premise, highly resilient, scalable and cost-efficient, fitting any type/size of property.

Content creation services ensuring an engaging brand design

Revamped Interface Templates for your TV

Fully customisable to the hotel’s brand standards and compatible with any TV, we offer four different versatile templates with a high-definition guest interface as well as content creation services to ensure an engaging experience.

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Hotel TV Movies

Offer your guests high quality hotel TV entertainment

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Hotel TV restaurant services

Streamline and promote your services

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Hotel TV city guide map

Provide valuable real-time hotel and city information

  • Safety & Security measures messages and videos;
  • Fully customized Welcome message and video;
  • A – Z Hotel information directory;
  • Guest Inbox with emergency alerts support;
  • Hotel & local information directory;
  • Real-time flights, weather and news;
  • Maps coupled with city attractions;
  • Info such as Wi-Fi and others.
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Comprehensive GUI features

Nonius Hotel TV offers a great user interface and many features that will benefit your IT, Operations, and Marketing teams, as well as your guests. Here are just a few examples:
  • Guests Directories Digitalization
  • Integrated Welcome, Bill on TV, and Check-out Messages
  • Multimedia Tools for Videos and Images
  • Ordering and QR Code for Mobile Apps
  • TV Channels, VoD, and MoD
  • Easily integrable with PMS, POS, other Nonius products or 3rd parties.
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Cloud-based IPTV system

For groups with private network infrastructure or smaller independent properties with gigabit internet access.

It provides the same features, but needs less hardware, allowing for:

Cost effectiveness
Easy deployment
Centralized management
On-Premises and Cloud features aligned
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Superior Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

At Nonius, we take pride in being the sole provider of a cloud-based TV system with the most complete disaster recovery architecture. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure features:

  • Cloud resilient clusters to ensure server resilience and allow upgrades without downtime.
  • Edge cache gateways for bandwidth savings and handling intermittent network issues.
  • On-TV configuration caching to keep essential services running during complete ISP or backhaul outages.

Nonius TV & Cast meets Chromecast Gen4

Guests can enjoy a modern TV experience without a complete technology overhaul. This cost-effective solution utilises a cloud-based system for easy management, minimises energy consumption for a greener operation and delivers a modern and engaging entertainment experience.

Plus, you can keep your existing TVs – simply add a Chromecast dongle and a new remote control.