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Independent Groups and Hotels

Luxury Boutique Hotels

We serve many of the world’s iconic Luxury Boutique Hotels that deliver unique guest experiences. We are able to deliver exclusive tailored solutions to each property allowing them to offer personalised experiences to their guests.

Solutions adopted by Luxury Boutique Hotels include Interactive TV, Mobile Branded App, Managed Networks and Guest Wi-Fi.

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Luxury Resorts & SPA

Resort hotels provide enjoyable and memorable guest experiences which they are eager to share with their friends and families. We are able to deliver robust and tailored technological solutions to provide them the same experience they have in a city Luxury Hotel.

Solutions adopted by Luxury Resorts & SPA include Guest Wi-FiInteractive TV, Mobile Branded App and Managed Networks.

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Beach Hotels

These holiday lodging facilities, located at the seaside, offer a wide range of services and amenities, including entertainment and recreational activities. We have been delivering cost-effective solutions to enhance mobility, guest engagement and ultimately cross-sell.

Solutions adopted by Beach Hotels include Guest CRM, Digital Signage, TV Corporate Channel and Guest Wi-Fi.

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Business and Premium Hotels

These hotels offer premium experiences and service to their guests in spacious well-designed buildings. All have the capability to host small to medium size meetings and events. We have been delivering scalable and robust state of the art technological solutions to their business and premium guests.

Our most adopted solutions are Guest Wi-Fi, Digital Signage for events, TV Cast and Mobile App to deliver Mobile Key, Check-In and Check-Out.

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Boutique Hotels

All Boutique hotels are intimate with a unique decor and character that distinguishes them from other hotels. We have been delivering cost-effective technological solutions tailored to the personal vision of the owner for their property and their guest profile.

We frequently partner with Boutique hotels as a preferred partner providing consultancy assistance and delivering many solutions from our portfolio.

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