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DouroAzul, one of the most successful companies in the Portuguese tourism industry, celebrated a record year with the launch of two new ships. DouroAzul’s fleet of ten river cruise ships carry over a thousand passengers a week on cruises up the river Douro, introducing its passengers to the region’s superb cultural, gastronomic, and landscape heritage.

DouroAzul’s new vessels, named Viking Hemming e Viking Torgil, can each carry 106 passengers, in their 53 cabines and suites and to raise the bar even further on their luxury cruises DouroAzul has partnered with Nonius to provide the optimum entertainment and information solution for the new ships.

The NONIUS.TV complete hospitality technology suite comes with IPTV, Internet (HSIA), Signage and VoIP and aims to provide not only a unique experience for passengers but is also seamlessly and functionally integrated in the sophisticated surroundings.

Besides internet access through a private Wi-Fi hotspot and a vast Video-on-Demand catalog, the system boasts a suite of helpful and enjoyable applications developed specifically for DouroAzul. These apps include a real time GPS-based ship tracker, telephone over internet, world clocks, and a number of other functions that are guaranteed to complement DouroAzul’s exceptional service.