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10 Years at the forefront of innovation

By 3 December 2015February 9th, 2022News, Product

Since early 2005 Nonius develops innovative solutions that enhance guest experience and improve every guest’s life.

With an innovation-driven culture, Nonius distinguishes itself by its capacity to develop in-house all software and equipment that makes the core of its solutions. This is a major competitive advantage that sets itself apart from other vendors.
During these 10+ years of serving the industry, Nonius has been at the forefront of guest-facing technology. Take a look at some of our achievements:

Leonel Domingues, Nonius Chief Technology Officer and Founder, states that, “At the company we are all very proud of our track record of innovation. Especially proud of the effectiveness we have in making such innovations actual products and generate revenue and cost saving for the Hoteliers.”

When asked about future innovation, Leonel Domingues adds “The future will be made of other innovative solutions focused on improving guest experience and providing savings through process automation, leveraging technology from Robotics, IoT, wearables. Though, the future is also made of the ideas that clients and partners, in general, bring to us. The proximity we have with our clients and the feedback they provide has been a key factor in our strategy and will continue to be.”

Nonius has been able to present the industry with solutions that enhance experience throughout the whole of the guest journey while meeting business revenue and operational efficiency targets. Its performance has no parallel in the industry landscape presenting consistent growth above 30% year after year.