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EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel, gets Nonius Multi-screen Solution for mobile and LG Pro:Centric® Smart

Evolution: A Multi-screen app using the Guest device and integrated with room automation.

EVOLUTION Hotels presented Nonius with the challenge to customize Nonius solution to fit into the Evolution concept with a strong emphasis on guest mobile usage. This challenge was set a year ago and we are pleased to announce that the first EVOLUTION Hotel is now equipped with the Nonius Mobile App, a customized version of NONIUS.TV for HTML5, running on Pro:Centric Smart TVs (LY750H), and of course our best in class multi gigabit NONIUS.HSIA Appliance. All built on top of Nonius Middleware, an open platform that allows to connect Nonius and 3rd Party subsystems, to provide the hotelier with means to touch every point of the Guest Journey.

The Evolution concept, represents a new generation of hotels, pointing towards to the future. With a strong technological component which stands out for its simplicity, speed and innovation. The concept is that, through electronic systems, you can check-in automatically, at any time and at any place, without the need for human input, at the same time retaining all comfort and personal service. The solutions that Nonius has installed and in particular the Nonius Mobile App embodies the concept that EVOLUTION Hotels has created.

The LG Pro:Centric Smart TV allowed Nonius to provide the guest with a multiscreen experience. The power of the HTML5 rendering engine embedded in the LG TV makes it easy to develop applications that match the performance of the up-to-date Smartphones and tablets and so, offering a uniform user experience over the 3 screens (Smartphone, Tablet, TV).

Nonius Mobile App is the most recent product from Nonius and it was developed to facilitate interaction between hotels and their guests – before, during and after the stay the app reinvents the guest’s hotel experience.


When the guest books the room, EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel sends an email to let the guest know about the app. The app can then be downloaded and the guest can use it to start planning the trip. Before arrival the app acts as virtual concierge with information about the hotel, local restaurants, attractions and city general information. On arrival the app will assist with the check-in process.


During the stay the guest can use the app to order room service, learn about events, and promotions in and around the hotel. The app replaces the in-room directory and the concierge and can also be used as an in-room controller. The room control at the EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel was done in partnership with the renowned manufacturer Schneider Electric and allows the guest to control – Air conditioning, curtains and lighting from the Guest mobile device and also from the TV.

The app integrates seamlessly with NONIUS.TV to provide a multi-screen experience. The app also comes in several languages to help break language barriers and removes ambiguities in the requests.

Communication, information, control and entertainment. Yes, Nonius provides movies, music, radio and games as well as seamless pairing with TV applications.


On departure from the hotel the guest will also be solicited to fill in a survey and use the express checkout form. The Express checkout provides efficiency gains for the hotel, i.e., for the same staff, the guest will spend less time in queues trying to check in and out and pay bill. The guest can access information about weather, flights and this way be better prepared for the journey.

The Nonius Mobile App is all about enabling the hotel to engage with guests even after they leave the property. The app will still be useful to collect guest feedback and stay in touch with the hotel and the brand.

“We are pleased to have EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel as the first client to benefit from the power of the Nonius Mobile App that introduces an evolution in guest interaction with the hotel environment. It is an app for use on the guest tablet or smartphone and was developed in-house by Nonius.
It was a pleasure to work with the team at EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel and all partners in the EVOLUTION project and we are convinced the solution that was built benefited enormously from the great teamwork of all stakeholders”

Antonio SilvaCEO at Nonius