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VIP Executive Picoas Hotel invests in technology to better serve its guests

Nonius has been a technological partner of VIP Hotels Group for over 15 years and it was with great satisfaction that we were once again selected as a provider of Wi-Fi Internet Management and Interactive TV to improve the experience of VIP Executive Picoas Hotel’s customers.

VIP Executive Picoas Hotel, a comfortable 4-star unit in Lisbon, is the newest of the 17 units of the VIP Hotels Group. With its privileged location, friendly service and modern facilities, the hotel’s attention to detail allows it to offer a special accommodation to its guests.

Attentive to the latest hotel trends, the group chose our Interactive TV and Wi-Fi solutions, to update the TV experience and improve the Wi-Fi Internet connection offered during the Digital Journey of its guests.

Reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi

In this project, we took over the management of the hotel’s network, including the existing GPON network infrastructure and the switching/Wi-Fi from HP Aruba. We also implemented Nonius Internet Management Portal and, thus, it was possible to optimize the cost-effective solution and provide a high-quality Internet connection in all areas of the hotel.

Guests can access the web via Social Wi-Fi, using their social networks to log in. Thus, in addition to simplifying this process for customers, the VIP Executive Picoas Hotel can access general statistics about its guests, in full compliance with the data protection regulations.

Content and information on the room TV

The rooms at the VIP Executive Picoas Hotel are equipped with our Interactive TV solution running on top of  Samsung’s Smart Hospitality TVs.
Our solution allows the hotel to present promotions, services and a large amount of useful information, such as its security protocol and room service, in all rooms.

The TV and Internet solutions implemented in the hotel are 100% integrated with the Newhotel PMS, allowing the update of data in the PMS and simplifying the operation of the hotel.

“It is with great joy that we see this project becoming a reality, especially during the pandemic situation we are facing. Digital technology is increasingly present in our daily lives and we couldn’t offer less than good technological experiences to our guests. It is with pride and pleasure that we can see the advantages that our customers enjoy in our partnership with Nonius.”

Muhamad AsserafIT Director at Group VIP Hotels

“This project represents a great pride for us at Nonius, as it not only consolidates us, once again, as a reference partner of the VIP Group in Guest Internet and Wi-Fi solutions but above all because it involves the provision of the Nonius Interactive TV solution for the first time for this group. We are confident that this solution will also be a reference in the future of this partnership, extending its implementation to the remaining current and future units of the Group.”

Andrade SantosSales Director at Nonius Portugal