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Nonius Hub: a powerful integration tool

We make available our 18 years of experience integrating 150+ hospitality systems. Seamless systems interconnection will save staff time, reduce friction and optimize processes.

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1 Platform = 150+ Integrations

All our integrations are ready to activate in your property and additional integrations that you require can be easily added. The Nonius Hub is available in a flexible SaaS model and its APIs allow for a fast deployment.

Systems Integration

You can choose the best in class system for each function and we will help you plug it in easily.

Data Collection

Essential for data collection/sharing between systems. Optimise processes, reduce errors and loss of revenue.

What will the Nonius Hub do for your property?

Low complexity

Make it much simpler for you to integrate, because you just need one point of integration to have all your systems connected.

High availability

Empower yourself with seamless information access through our clustered servers globally deployed for proximity to you.

Cloud API Integration

A cloud-based system, but with adapters (APIs) to incorporate your legacy/on-premise systems and allow easy and fast development.