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Shaking Up Hotel Entertainment: Nonius TV & Cast Meets Chromecast Gen4

Nonius TV & Cast for Chromecast Gen4, a groundbreaking solution designed to breathe new life into older or less capable TVs, enhancing guest experiences without the significant investment of a complete technology renovation.

We have seen the struggle many hoteliers face with the cost of updating tech and decided to do something about it. By adapting our TV & Cast solution for Chromecast Gen4, we are enabling hotels to enrich their entertainment offerings without stretching their budget. This is perfect for those looking to provide a modern and engaging TV experience without the significant investment in new hardware.

Cloud-Based for Simplicity and Sustainability

At the heart of Nonius TV & Cast’s efficiency and effectiveness is its cloud-based system, offering savings on power consumption and contributing to a more sustainable world.  

Moreover, the cloud makes it simple to roll out, upgrade, and support, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

Yes, You can Keep your TV

Your TV looks good, you feel bad disposing of it, or you cannot invest in a new TV set?

You can still offer a superior entertainment experience that meets the modern guest’s expectations without replacing your existing TVs. Simply add a dongle to the back and use a new remote control – it’s as easy as that!

An add-on, in case you have already Nonius Cast

In case your Hotel has already incorporated Nonius Cast with Chromecast Gen4 you can now activate an interactive TV mode. This feature functions as an add-on and only requires a small cache edge appliance in the server room – that’s all it takes!

Full IP or hybrid for cost-effective retrofit

If streaming TV channels over IP is not feasible or too costly, you can still maintain live TV channels via RF coaxial cable. This is facilitated by a universal remote control capable of operating both the TV (via infrared) and the Chromecast (via Bluetooth). Additionally, explore our Nonius TV Headend offer for insight into transitioning to a fully IP-based solution.

Ready to transform your hotel entertainment and delight your guests? Get in touch to learn more!

“As the TV Product Director at Nonius, I have personally seen how our TV & Cast solution with Chromecast Gen4 has revolutionised the hotel sector. It's not only about replacing outdated equipment, it's also about improving the whole guest experience. Witnessing our clients' appreciation of this high-quality entertainment experience makes us delighted. Our solution embodies the creativity and forward mindset that Nonius is known for.”

Tito RafaelTV Product Director at Nonius