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Nonius Mobile: Now Offering a Web App Experience

By 24 April 2024May 16th, 2024Mobile, News, Product
A seamless guest journey from pre-stay to post-stay, previously only available in Native App, now accessible via Web App.

Nonius Mobile Web App, is an option of Nonius Mobile App solution specifically built to meet the needs of independent hotels and their guests. By leveraging the versatility of Web App solutions, Nonius Mobile offers a complete guest journey – from start to finish  – that is as seamless as what was once only possible with Native Apps, but now through a Web App.

Have a look!

As can be seen in the video that follows, the guests can now access all necessary services and information directly through their mobile browser, by simply accessing a link or scanning a QR code. This option streamlines convenience and significantly reduces the effort needed to interact with the hotel’s amenities.

Features available in each option:

Nonius investment to offer all options to our clients

Nonius has been offering a Native App solution since 2018, and it is a product of great success. However, with the investments made over the past years, Nonius Mobile has expanded to support a web-only journey. This eliminates the need for guests to download and use a separate Native App. This strategy caters to the preferences of many travellers who prefer not to download new apps and ensures that all guests, no matter their level of comfort with technology, can easily access the hotel’s full range of services.

Unlock the Potential

Ready to elevate your guest experience and streamline operations? Discover how Nonius Mobile Web App can transform your hotel’s guest journey today! Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo!

“This step forward adds a web app version to our existing mobile app offerings, allowing guests to access hotel services directly through their browsers—no app download needed. This new web app keeps the big majority of the useful features of our original mobile apps but makes them accessible with just a link or a QR scan. It’s a simpler way for all guests to enjoy their stay, aligning with our commitment to improving guest convenience and supporting hotels in providing excellent service. We're excited to help hotels enhance their guest’s experience with this easy-to-use solution.”

Manuel Machado LimaNonius Mobile Business Unit Director