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HSIA upgrade with Nonius new multi-gigabit Internet Appliance

Higher performance HSIA Appliance to support more users and traffic.

It is Moore’s Law! 10 years ago Nonius developed and installed gateways for 2 Mbps links and now, 10 years passed, our clients are installing 2 Gigabit links!
Our new appliance rises to the challenge, providing more bandwidth and catering to a host of new connected devices.

Nonius is pleased to introduce the WGS20K appliance, featuring dual 10Gbps links for WAN and capable of handling up to 20,000 simultaneous connected devices.
Two models are being made available in the market: the NONIUS.HSIA WGS20K (1Gbe Copper) and WGS20KF (10Gbe Fiber).

The evolution of a mature product
Nonius has serviced the hospitality industry for almost 10 years, and since its foundation, we have supplied our clients with in-house built technology. Nonius manufactures the hardware and software for the equipment that is the heart of our solutions and services. The WGS20K is the most recent member of a succession of Nonius HSIA appliances.

Scalable & flexible

More than 700 sites and hundreds of heterogeneous usage scenarios were key to toughening the appliance and make it truly the best in its class. The hardest scenarios were the ones that drove our equipment to the limit and made it possible to get the most valuable feedback, allowing us to implement the most relevant improvements and optimizations:
» Large conference centres/hotels with Gigabit links were key sites to tune performance, scalability and availability.
» Cruise ships with 6 ISP links, low and variable link capacity, were paramount for the improvements in the mechanisms to improve balancing and filtering.
» Hotels in Africa with 1 Mbps links and more than 200 users connected were great spots to fine-tune the efficiency of traffic control algorithms.
This diversity of scenarios and our close contact with the clients to collect feedback allowed us to build the most comprehensive HSIA Appliance in the industry and made NONIUS.HSIA the success that it is today.

WGS20K and WGS20KF appliances bring outstanding network throughput and a set of features/optimizations and efficiency enhancements:

QoS & Link capacity efficiency
Just because many hotels have large traffic pipes it doesn’t mean that you give up using bandwidth efficiently. All Nonius Internet appliances have a highly advanced traffic engine to provide efficient usage of the link(s) capacity. That is achieved through:

» Bandwidth Capping on 4 simultaneous levels: per user, per group of users, per service type, per link.
» Uplink and downlink speeds are controlled individually.
» Assured Bandwidth reservation for a group of users, which is ideal for conferences/events.
» Prioritization and Control of traffic per type of service is ideal to guarantee that low bandwidth and time-critical services work under any circumstances.

Filtering & Caching
» Filtering of traffic is performed to avoid unnecessary usage of link capacity. There is lots of traffic generated by the devices’ OS that unnecessarily overloads uplink on a Wi-Fi hotspot. The Nonius HSIA gateway does all that necessary filtering.
» DNS cache is implemented in the appliance. Sometimes neglected but, of the utmost importance to drive efficient usage of link capacity and to reduce latency for fast response to user internet navigation.
»HTTP cache is also done by the gateway. 5 GBytes for most viewed HTTP contents. Implemented with embedded HTTP transparent Proxy.
» DoS attacks prevention and Cache to Captive Portal supported.

Resilience & Balancing
» Link load balancing: The appliance implements link load balancing of up to 6 links of any nature (Cellular, DSL, fibre, VSAT etc). The gateway balances traffic per TCP/UDP IP connection and not per user – this is the most efficient way to do the balancing of traffic.
» Link failover / Link monitoring: Nonius HSIA appliance monitors the link status, link bandwidth usage and activates/deactivates the links automatically according to the status without loss of service for the guest.

Comprehensive & Flexible billing
Nonius offers solutions that are turnkey, but also with the flexibility that can accommodate changes in both free-to-guest and guest-pay financial models. The appliance enables a wide range of billing plans and such plans can be changed at any time to evolve with the industry trends and with the particular needs of the property.
It is up to you (our client)to decide for a Tiered Bandwidth Plan and with that help recoup network infrastructure costs and collect significant revenue as well.

» One time Logins. The following logins are performed without the need to open an HTTP browser though MAC authentication process. After service, the expiration portal is presented.
» Multi-Zone Hotspot – to create different hotspot zones: different portals per zone, groups of users zone validation and landing pages.
» Full control over user or group profile definition for Simultaneous Users, Number of Sessions, Traffic, Bandwidth, Time Limits, Landing pages, and others.
» Guarantee «zero-configuration“ for the Guest: Any IP, Any DNS, Any HTTP Proxy.
» Loyalty Card Integration.
» Integration with PMS – compatible with all major brands.
» Portal with Hotel’s corporate image using HTML5 responsive design
» Ready-made portal templates: Several templates available but more can be added so that the Portal Splash page and Landing page is what the hotel decides in terms of design and content.
» Voucher Printer integration.
» Intelligent Authentication (MAC Roaming between properties).
» Web SMS gateway to send user credentials;
» Integration with iPass.
» Customizable conference vouchers.
» Flexible Service Profiles – Tiered service and much more.
» PayPal, iDEAL and other payment systems.
» Automatic activation/deactivation of room Ethernet plug at check-in/Check-out and creation 802.1q independent VLAN per room. Charging is also automatic.
» Comprehensive web-based management interface.
» Logging and Traceability.
» Remote management and Monitoring using the Nonius NOC services and tools.

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