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Hotel app for Groups or Independent hotels

How can our Smart Hotel App help? Digitize the Guest Journey, Engage with Guests, Streamline Operations and Optimise your Restaurant Ordering!

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Hotel app development with your brand and services

Fast deployment

You can implement our platform in just 2 weeks.

Fully customisable

Totally personalised hotel branding and content.

Web & Native App

Mobile app available for iOS, Android and Web.

Fully integrated

Integrated with 120+ hotel systems, including major PMSs.

Impress your guests with useful features

Our platform allows you to offer in one single app, a series of tools that allow guests to check-in and check-out online, access their room with a digital key, make in-room service requests, chat with staff through a ChatBot, have access to a tailor-made City Guide with GPS-guided routes and useful information such as weather, news, and flights, thus providing your guests a fully integrated experience.

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Digitize your guest journey to Save, Impress and Retain

Faster, frictionless and paperless check-in

Offer guests the ability to accelerate the check-in by submitting before arrival their personal preferences, marketing consents, passport, and digital signature to meet local regulations. Allows Credit Card online payment including pre-authorization with tokenization. All the data is automatically updated in the PMS.

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Hotel digital key on your guest’s phone

Offer a digital key in the hotel app for guests to open their room door via their own mobile device. This feature will speed up check-in and save on plastic keys. Integrated with all major door lock vendors.

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An easier way to request Room Service

Offer easy ordering for in-room dining by removing communication barriers. Generate extra revenue, improve operations and eliminate the need for printed menus in the rooms. With or without POS integration.

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Optimised guest communication channel

Remove communication barriers by offering a Guest Assistant area where they can communicate with your staff or bots, enquire, and request services easily.

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Room Control in the hands of guests

Our platform offers guests a very intuitive way to control their room environment (lighting, temperature, and drapes) with their own phone. Integrated with major room control system vendors.

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Hotel TV remote in the App

Improve your room’s comfort, offering guests the ability to easily control the room TV and VoD on their phones.

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The room extension on the guest’s phone

Allow your guests to use their own mobile devices to receive and make calls with a VoIP service with speed-dials for hotels services and one-touch call-to-action to enquire about or book services. Integrated with the IP-PBX system of your hotel.

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Simplify the Check-out process for your guests

Guests can consult their bill in real-time and request an express check-out in the App thanks to the synchronisation of all information in PMS. Provide them with an autonomous process in a smooth way and optimise operational efficiency.

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Engage your best guests with a Loyalty Program

Through your hotel app, guests can enroll in the Loyalty Program and have access to a membership card with relevant and personalized offers.

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Personalised Navigation and Exploration

Resorts worldwide can now upload their property maps and pinpoint specific locations for activities, restaurants, and amenities, facilitating easy access and exploration for guests

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You can do much more than supporting the guest journey

Explore more modules we can offer to your hotel.

Streamline daily operations

Optimise restaurant orders

More than 920 properties have their own hotel app

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