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Modern hotel phones for you guests

The in-stay solution to increase your Guest Satisfaction and empower your Front-desk.

Update your guest room phone!

Now it’s possible to integrate the hotel’s Telephony System with our Room Smartphone, allowing you to update the old room phones and give your guest the flexibility to use it inside and outside the hotel during all stay. Your Front-desk will be able to engage your guest through a modern device at anytime and anywhere they are.

Benefits of the room smartphone

Free Calls

Offer your guests free national and international phone calls everyday.

Internet access

Via your Hotel Wi-Fi or SIM card, your guests can be always connected to the Internet during their stay, inside and outside of the hotel.

Modern room phone

The room smartphone integrates with the legacy hotel’s Telephony systems so the guests can receive calls as well.

Guest Satisfaction

Get real time information from the guest through a customised survey filled in during their stay.

Integrated features

Mobile key, room & TV control, mobile concierge, hotel information, express check-out among others.

Useful Apps

Pre-installed useful apps like google maps, tripadvisor, messenger and many more supported.

Mobile Branded App

Explore the many features you can have for free in your updated Room Smartphone from our Mobile Branded App solution.

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