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Hotel Staff App for Requests and Hotel Operations Management

Boost your staff productivity by offering a user-friendly back-office to manage requests. Available for Web & Mobile App.

Back-office for staff to manage interactions with guests.

Our solution is a Web & Mobile App platform for the hotel team to communicate, manage guests’ interactions, requests, and contents. It allows the hotel staff to answer chat messages from guests and even make calls to guests and colleaguesSave time on day-to-day staff operations while keeping in constant contact with your guests!

Manage guest chat

Staff receives alerts every time there’s a new message and are able to manage them. With an intuitive user interface, your staff can easily reply to chat messages from guests and solve any issues before they leave. Our customizable platform allows your hotel to send multilanguage push notifications to communicate efficiently with your guests.

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Manage guest requests

Enable your hotel staff to manage all requests using a responsive back office with visual color alerts for unread messages and pending actions, push notifications, and optional email alerts. Set the status of requests (New, Working, Completed, Cancelled) and send messages to guests regarding specific requests from cleaning, maintenance, room service to transfers, and many others.

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App Contents

  • CMS to edit all the content available in the App. Change images, text, menus… and update to the App
  • Content creation (attractions, collections, events and more) in various languages

Notify Guests

  • Send multi-language notifications with promotions or useful information to your guests
  • Guests will receive a Push Notification and the message will be visible in the Notifications tab


  • Dashboard with App metrics to measure the number of interactions
  • Analysis per request type, downloads evolution, orders revenue, and other information
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