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Hotel Marketing solutions to capitalise on data and improve guest engagement

Marketing hoteliers can use our hotel marketing solutions to strengthen the relationship with your customers, carry out special campaigns and generate revenue.

Cross-sell services with automated campaigns

Automatically communicate with your guests, at the right moment, via email or push notifications. Our hotel marketing solutions allow you to send information to your guests and promote services, tailored to their profile and phase of the journey. Adapt one of the new trends in hotel marketing and send pre-stay, in-house, or post-stay campaigns to effectively communicate with your targeted guests.

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Recover services with instant guest feedback

Efficiently solve issues by receiving guests’ feedback in real-time during their stay and turn dissatisfied guests into promoters. Proactively track your guests’ satisfaction by sending them surveys, while coordinating the performance of your hotel operations. Resolve complaints before guests leave and prevent reviews online.

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Customised Loyalty Program in hotel app

Guests can enroll in the Loyalty Program and have access to a membership card with relevant and personalized offers. Through membership cards or similar hotel marketing solutions with levels and points, your hotel can provide guests with unique benefits to build loyalty and create a great relationship with them. Collect guest data and understand their preferences so you can offer them a more tailored experience.

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Find out how our hotel app can digitize your guest journey to Save, Impress and Retain

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