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Social WiFi for Hotels and Restaurants

Gather guest data and collect contacts with your Wi-Fi login.

Increase your knowledge of each guest

Allowing your guests to log in to your hotel’s Wi-Fi with their social networks will not only make it easier for them but also help you gather more guest data.

Automated data collection and analysis is an easy way to increase your cross-sell chances by improving your guest behavioural knowledge and, by using the Wi-Fi location, make sure the key areas of your facilities have enough bandwidth for a high-quality connection.

Social Dashboard

See how easy it is to manage, map and analyze your data with our platform

How can you know your guests and respect their privacy?

We guarantee that hotels have all the necessary data all information collection and storage are compliant with standards and local regulation, namely: GDPR, LGPD and PCI-DSS.

All collected data stays within the hotels network and are not used for any other means or third-party entities.

Chromecast hotel data security