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Hotel Online Check-in to Optimise your Check-in Process

Hotel online check-in allows guests to submit details before arrival, to accelerate the process and enjoy an online contactless check-in. Integrated with major PMS vendors.
Avoid front-desk queues

Self check-in for your hotel guests

A hotel online check-in is an essential tool for the safety and trust of guests and staff due to the need for reduced physical contact during these times.

You will significantly save time and money by optimizing workload at front-desk, minimizing data errors in the PMS, and converting check-in into a paperless process. Increase guest satisfaction while also introducing them to safety measures and service offers.

On the web or the hotel app

Mobile registration and preferences

Three days before arriving at the hotel, the guest receives an invitation by email to make the check-in on the web or the hotel app.

Afterwards, through Pre-Stay Campaigns, you can introduce guests to the offers available at your hotel and allow them to book services directly. Also, get to know your guest preferences using customized questions. As a result, you can offer them a personalized experience and data is automatically updated into the PMS.

Complete hotel online check-in before arrival or at the hotel

Digital Signature

Guests can register directly on their mobile devices, after filling in their data, skipping the signature on paper. Along with the signature, the customer will also give their marketing consent.

QR code scan

For guests who prefer to check-in on arrival, they can scan a QR code on their mobile device. Guests only need to aim the phone’s camera at the QR code, fill out the check-in form and sign in through their device.

After the hotel online check-in

Digital Mobile Key for hotels

After the check-in, the electronic room key is sent to the guest’s mobile device. This feature allows the guest to use the hotel app as a key to their room. The app is an alternative to the usual room key. The door can be opened by pressing a button and holding the device near the door lock.

The mobile key is integrated with leading door lock manufacturers.

Allow guests to avoid reception

Guest mobile express check-out

During the stay, guests can see their current hotel expenses and validate them.

All the information is synced automatically with the Hotel’s PMS/CRS. As a result, when the guest orders an Express Check-out, the PMS will charge the credit card on file.

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