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Introducing Nonius Voice Cloud-Native Solution

By 9 November 2023February 28th, 2024News, Product, Voice
The robust features of our on-premises solution with the streamlined simplicity of the cloud. Ideal for the modern hotel or group making its move to cloud-based systems.

Unveiling the Cloud Evolution of Nonius Voice

Dive into the article as Nonius unveils the 4th generation of its revered phone systems, a journey that began back in 2009. With a keen eye on current trends and emerging needs, this new release is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, catering to hotels’ evolving requirements. As part of this release, we’re also thrilled to spotlight our esteemed partners for SIP Trunk and Numbering, further augmenting our comprehensive offering.

Nonius Voice Cloud Architecture

In the image below, you’ll find an illustration of a typical deployment scenario for our Cloud edition of the Nonius Voice Solution.

To understand the diagram, imagine your hotel’s communication system as a modern switchboard. This switchboard, named the “Nonius Voice Cloud PBX“, is like the brain of the operation, handling all the calls within the hotel and connecting to the outside world. 

Now, to ensure this brain can communicate effectively with the PMS, we have a “translator” named the “Nonius Hub” that is capable of interfacing with over 100 PMSs. The PMS interface is crucial for displaying the guest name, controlling access to external calls, billing, voicemail and more…

For making external calls, our system taps into special internet-based phone lines, called “SIP trunks“. These lines are like highways for voice traffic, and we’ve partnered with reliable companies to ensure the best quality for these calls.

Inside the hotel, there are two primary ways for guests and staff to communicate:

Handsets: These are your regular hotel room phones for guests and special phones for staff.

Softphones: Picture these as virtual phones. They’re like apps on a smartphone or computer, allowing both guests and staff to make or receive calls without needing a physical phone. The great part? They can be used both inside and outside the hotel, and that is now easier to achieve with this cloud edition than it was when on the on-premises edition.

Lastly, to keep everything safe and secure, there is a protective wall, known as a “firewall“, guarding our system. This ensures all communications remain private, protected from unwanted interruptions and even attacks.

In summary, a system architecture that is easy to deploy and maintain and makes sure guests and staff can always stay connected, whether they’re in their rooms, around the hotel, or even outside of it. If you have a hotel group, also understand that this “Modern switchboard” can do as many hotels as you have without any extra hardware on the server side.

Perfect for the hotels moving to the cloud

Perhaps this is your initial incursion into the realm of cloud technology for hotel voice systems. If so, this article should help guide you in making an informed decision. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we remain committed to producing and supporting our on-premises solution for those who might find the cloud not suitable for now.

For our valued clients who are champions of the “all-cloud strategy”, our state-of-the-art Nonius Voice Cloud solution is tailor-made to resonate with your vision. It stands out with its simplicity in both setup and ongoing maintenance, encapsulating everything you’d anticipate in your migration to the cloud.

Harnessing Over 100 Certified PMS Integrations

With our Voice Cloud, you’re not just getting an advanced voice solution. You’re tapping into the immense strength of our Integrations Platform. Through the Nonius Hub Integration Server, our Voice Solution promises flawless connectivity with your Property Management System (PMS). This synergy enhances operational productivity and elevates the guest experience to new heights.

Legacy Compatibility, now Cloud-Enhanced

Just like our on-premises edition, our cloud-native solution is compatible with handsets from leading manufacturers like AEI, Alcatel, Bittel, Cetis, Fanvil, Grandstream, Snom, Telematrix, VTech, Xenios and more. Furthermore, take advantage of our seamless and automated provisioning.

Simpler than ever to integrate Softphones

Embracing the cloud has simplified the integration of softphones, making it both more affordable and efficient, especially if you aim to use them beyond the confines of the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Be it the Nonius softphone tailored for guests, a feature of the Nonius Mobile Guest App, or any third-party variant, integrating them has never been easier. Plus, they remain safe and secure even when operating outside the hotel’s wireless network. And with this advancement, the need for the Session Border Controller (SBC), once essential in our traditional setup, has become obsolete.

All the Features a Cloud-Ready Hotel Needs

A side-by-side comparison, highlighting our cloud solution’s robust capabilities.

Strategic Partnerships for a Complete Communication Suite

You will get more than a platform; we handle your entire communication requirements. No need to search for partners for public telephony connections.

We’ve teamed up with leading providers to deliver a top-notch voice solution that’s scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. Our range of services includes DID numbers, SIP trunking, and international & local voice termination. Explore our trusted partners listed by country below:

United Kingdom
USA, Canada and Mexico
Portugal and Spain
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“At Nonius, we've always valued our clients' feedback. Listening to our current clients and particularly the hotel groups transitioning to cloud, I'm proud to say our Cloud Voice Solution truly reflects their needs and aspirations. I believe we've created a game-changer tailored specifically for hotels.”

Helder SantosNonius Global Sales & Marketing Director