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IPTV hotel: TV & Corporate channels and VoD with major Hollywood releases

Media to enrich your TV and impress your guests by offering them exciting high-quality premium content from multiple TV operators and Movies from major Hollywood producers.

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TV Channels for Hospitality

We partner with multiple TV operators, that combined with free-to-the-air and OTT channels we can provide your Hotel a bouquet adapted to your guests profile.


We are Sky Select and BT Sport partners and have agreements with TV content providers.

Tailored bouquets

Multiple sources all combined into your TV Headend and centrally managed TV channel list.

Multiple audio tracks

Channel playlists can be defined by guest nationality and categories and selecting the suitable audio track.

24/7 Support

We proactively identify if any of your TV channels is down and act to fix it before impacting your guests.

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Movies for the guests

Guests are always looking for entertainment options during their stay, whether they are leisure or business guests. Offering movies to your premium guests will impress them and have additional revenue from our share revenue offer.

  • Business models:
    • Revenue share without any fixed cost for the Hotelier
    • Fixed Fee/Free-to-Guest packages available
  • Major Hollywood movie releases 
  • Available near theatrical release
  • Special movies for Kids
  • Adult movies available on request
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