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Restaurant App to Make Food Ordering Simple

Restaurant App allows your clients to view the menu and place orders to be delivered to their table simply by scanning a QR Code. With or without POS integration.

Contactless experience for restaurant customers

An innovative solution for the operation of restaurants, that combines our expertise in the hospitality market with the latest trends in F&B ordering.

Now, with our Web App for restaurants, it is possible to present the menus in digital format, allowing customers to place their orders, pay, and follow the status of the preparation.

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Replace the physical menu by displaying it in the app with easy access through a QR Code on the table.
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The backoffice can generate unlimited QR codes for all the tables, with or without background artwork, to identify the different locations.
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Each Order placed by the user in the Web App can generate the printing of a ticket in an IP printer, with the Table number and details of the ordered products.
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The backoffice of this solution allows your team to manage the menus, generate QR codes and receive customer orders in a friendly and straightforward way.
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Integration with the restaurant POS allows the App to import all products, keep prices synced and for submitted orders to go directly to the POS.
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Integration with a secure Payment Gateway allows the customers to make an online payment for their orders in the Web App.
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These Modifiers can be free and just informative, such as letting the guest choose the desired meat temperature, select which juice or type of bread they want on their breakfast menu.
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A vast set of features in just one platform

  • Customers will place orders autonomously and quickly
  • User-friendly backoffice for the staff to manage menus, QR codes and orders
  • A system that makes food ordering simple, safe and saves staff time
  • Possibility to integrate with POS and Payment Gateway, to further streamline restaurant operations