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Secure Netflix cast experience on MediaSuite TVs with Nonius Hub & Philips CMND

By packing our Nonius Hub, Philips Media Suite TV’s and CMND, your hotel can offer a personalized in-room experience, allowing guests to stream their favorite content and also enjoy exclusive Nenda TV Channels.

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Is your guest data secure?

It’s easier than ever for guests to access their Netflix account on their room TV. They just have to enter their credentials into the TV or on their own mobile phone and then they can stream their content.  In order to ensure that guest data is cleared and their credentials are not stored or logged, the hotel needs to have an automatic way of removing the guest’s personal data from the TV at check-out.

Nonius Hub is the middleware solution that connects the PMS to the Philips CMND server to filter and eliminate the data from the in-room TV.

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We packed all these solutions for you!

Philips CMND Server

Philips TV screens with CMND offer unique optimization thanks to advanced system connectivity that revolutionises the hospitality experience by improving both personalisation and efficiency. The Philips CMND server will enable the Netflix App in the Philips TV room, allowing guests to use the streaming platform as if they were at home.

Nonius Hub

When a room is checked-out, the Nonius Hub will receive this information from the PMS to inform the Philips CMND server that the guest has already vacated the room. Our Integration Hub ensures guests’ privacy by removing their Netflix subscription credentials from the TV immediately upon completion of check-out at the hotel’s PMS.

Nenda TV Channels

Nenda is a platform that offers an integrated TV solution for hotels to provide the most diverse and complete entertainment to its guests. From Nordic TV Channels, Sports and VOD, Nenda provides a wide range of quarterly updated, exclusive, and streamed Nordic content. This solution impresses guests by offering exciting high-quality premium content.

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